San Diego’s John Nienstedt of Competitive Edge Research does some Tebowing

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Competitive Edge Research and its President and founder John Nienstedt are best known for their spot-on research about political candidates and ballot measures. But once in a while, Nienstedt admits he’ll indulge his curiosity and add a few questions on a topic of personal interest.

In February he asked people in a nationwide poll what they thought about Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow. He shared the research with me at a recent Albondigas San Diego lunch event.

I found the results of interest and worth reporting, so Nienstedt permitted me to write about them in a column for Communities at Washington Times. Meanwhile, news emerged over the weekend that Tim Tebow might be traded by the Denver Broncos if the team signs Peyton Manning as its new quarterback.  So Tebow is back in the headlines… and now so is Nienstedt’s data.

Should the Broncos take into account Nienstedt’s findings before cavalierly trading him away? Many Chargers fans would be happy to see Tebow go into another division so San Diego didn’t have to play Tebow and the Broncos quite as often. One thing Rostrafarians know for sure: Nienstedt’s findings are generally right on target and disregarded at your own risk.

The column has just been posted and you can read here what Nienstedt found out about Tim Tebow (and what it means for Knicks players Jeremy Lin).

Should the Denver Broncos rethink signing Peyton Manning and trading Tim Tebow?


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