Rider on KUSI pans Brown’s tax increases

Richard Rider, Chairman, San Diego Tax Fighters Richard Rider, Chairman, San Diego Tax Fighters 1 Comment


Friday (1/21/11) at o’dark thirty I did a lively 6 minute KUSI TV interview panning Governor Brown’s planned tax increases — well, the special election he wants to raise taxes later this year. I think the interview went well, do I’m putting it out for Internet viewing.

I think you’ll like it. Or perhaps hate it. Depending on who “you” are.

Here’s the temporary KUSI link. It usually gets taken down in a few days:


And here’s a relatively permanent copy, posted up on Facebook:


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  1. Let me try to understand the spin:

    If a temporary tax increase (Arnold’s) is allowed to expire, that is not a tax cut., but if it is extended then that is a tax increase.

    If a temporary tax cut (Bush Tax Cuts) is alowed to expire, that is a tax increase, but if the cut is extended that is not a tax cut.

    Just making sure I got this right.

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