DeMaio Makes Final Push to Stop Water Rate Hike

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Asks Residents to Return Prop. 218 Notices and Contact
Their Elected Officials to Oppose Increase on Eve of Vote

Releases Eight Point Plan as an Alternative to Rate Hike

Councilmember Carl DeMaio, community leaders and residents gathered Sunday to urge San Diegans to return their Prop 218 protest forms to City Hall and contact the Mayor and City Council to vote against another water rate increase tomorrow.  DeMaio also released an eight point plan to reduce waste at the Water Department as an alternative to a water rate increase.  Water bills have increased 67% since 2007 — far outpacing the price of water.

“This proposed water rate hike should be rejected.  Instead of raising rates the Mayor and City Council should eliminate wasteful spending within the Water Department,” DeMaio noted.

San Diegans were promised by the City in 2007 to install safeguards and efficiencies to protect residents from rate increases by implementing reforms such as performance audits, separate financial audits, managed competition and ending the controversial Bid-to-Goal program.  Unfortunately these reforms have not been implemented. DeMaio has been a continual voice urging that these reforms be enacted before considering a rate increase.

“Most residents in my community rely on a fixed income and are already struggling to stay afloat,” noted Seven Oaks President Glen Vaughan.  “These annual rate hikes only make it more difficult.”

“San Diegans have a voice in this decision, said Elaine Jeter, a Seven Oaks resident. The more residents who return their Prop 218 notices the stronger message we will send to the Mayor and City Council to reject the water rate increase”

“Let’s not get fooled again.  During the last round of water rate increases San Diegans were promised reforms and cost savings — that has not happened.  The City Council and Mayor should not approve yet another water rate increase without fulfilling the promises they made to their constituents,” noted DeMaio.

Councilmember DeMaio’s staff will be on hand at 8:00 Monday morning answering questions from residents and accepting Prop 218 Notices until Council meets at 2:00 pm.

To download a copy of the Prop. 218 protest form please visit:


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