Poway Patch: One on One with Public Relations Superstar Gayle Lynn Falkenthal

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She is a superstar. And, she’s Rostra’s. Some excerpts from yesterday in the Poway Patch

Down Home Marketing
by Alyson Rybar

Each week I select a public relations or marketing topic to educate readers on and this week my goal is to do something a little different. Instead of providing marketing tips, I’d like to give readers an opportunity to hear from a well-known public relations professional in the community whose experience and accomplishments far outweigh mine.

Gayle Lynn Falkenthal lives in Scripps Ranch but because she lives only a mile away, it’s no surprise she considers herself a Powegian. When I first got started in the industry, there were names that I quickly became familiar with and Falkenthal’s was one of them. In 1998, she was presented with the Andy Mace Award for San Diego Public Relations Professional of the Year. In addition, she serves as a board member for various professional associations.

Poway Patch: You write a political column for the San Diego Rostra and were named the best newspaper or online columnist in San Diego at the San Diego Press Club event in 2010. Do you consider that your greatest accomplishment?

Falkenthal: Awards are terrific and I’m glad to see recognition for the excellent quality of writing and information overall on the Rostra blogsite. But awards come and go. My greatest accomplishment professionally is helping the San Diego/Imperial Chapter of the American Red Cross resurrect itself after a management scandal in 2001, and working as part of the team to help our community weather the 2003 wildfires.

Read the entire interview with Gayle.


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  1. It is nearly impossible to embarrass me but this come close. The pressure of living up to such billing might drive me to drink.

    I’m a proud member of the Rostra blogpen, in my opinion the best blogsite anywhere in politics and best blogsite on any topic in Southern California. It was my pleasure to give Rostra a shout out and my hope is that more people of all political persuasions will read and interact on Rostra. Rock on, Rostrafarians.

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