Queen Dianne Jacob Expects East County Subjects to Vote For Her ‘Crowned’ Prince

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We can add San Diego Union-Tribune columnist Michael Smolens to Queen Dianne Jacob’s court.  Smolens penned a piece to help Queen Dianne get her hand-picked candidate elected. Queen Dianne recruited the Poway Mayor to run for County Supervisor, promising to throw some $500,000 in campaign funds his way to do her bidding.

I only have three things to say about Smolens’ article:

1- I am not being unkind when I refer to Jacob as “Queen Dianne”.  That’s how she referred to herself:

Jacob said: “If the people like the queen, they’ll like to know who the queen wants as her successor.”

2- Smolens did some shoddy work. Had he contacted me, he would have learned that this article, which he uses as the basis for his conclusion that the Republican Party of San Diego County won’t endorse Joel Anderson, was a challenge to the grassroots Committee members to see how the politicos on the committee were doing Queen Dianne’s bidding. It worked (thankfully) — over a dozen committee members called me to tell me that I was nuts to think that. PROOF: Every single elected committee member in the East County Supervisor District endorsed Joel Anderson.

3- Steve Vaus is (sadly) Queen Dianne’s puppet. When I asked him to consider a run for Congress in 2017, Vaus declined, insisting that he will never run for anything other than the Mayor of Poway. As it turns out, La Mesa Councilwoman Kristine Alessio and Vaus were plotting to challenge Anderson as early as 2015 (as Alessio admitted in the comments section on this article).

We don’t need a Crown Prince to continue Queen Dianne’s surrender to Nathan Fletcher. We need a conservative firebrand who will fight for taxpayers. We need Joel Anderson.


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