Joel Anderson Earns Key Support From Republican Members of AD71

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Former Senator Joel Anderson earned key support this past week in his bid to become the next San Diego County Supervisor in East County’s 2nd District.

Members of the Republican Party of San Diego’s most conservative Assembly District, the 71st,  unanimously pledged their support for Anderson. 

Referring to the decision , District Leader Dustin Trotter shared, “Joel gets things done. He has the conservative credentials and name ID necessary to be successful in the March primary and general elections.”

The Senator has represented 86% of the Supervisor District Two while in Sacramento, far more than his primary challenger, Poway Mayor Steve Vaus. Vaus had previously stated he’d never seek higher office than Mayor.

In the recent 2018 Board of Equalization race, Anderson received 55% of his votes from District Two, 17% above party registration, while Vaus received 5.56%.

The 71st District joins Senator Brian Jones and Congressman Duncan Hunter in support of Anderson, both of whom represent large areas of the 2nd District.


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  1. This endorsement includes every single ELECTED Committee member who lives in the 2nd Supervisorial District. The only other member who lives in the District was appointed by the Chairman and lives in Poway.

    This endorsement OVERWHELMINGLY represents the will of the Republican voters in this District. Watch the out-of-District members who try to block it, take names, and keep a long memory.

  2. The original post was worded in such a way that it may have implied that the full committee has endorsed a candidate in this race. It has been corrected. Thank you. For the record, there has been no official Republican Party endorsement in the race for County Supervisor, District 2. Such consideration is currently scheduled for Monday, October 14, 2019 and will require a 2/3 vote of the membership, present and voting, to endorse one Republican over another. Furthermore, while individual members (excluding the Chairman) are free to support whomever they like, our bylaws specifically prohibit AD Caucuses from issuing or voting on endorsements as that is solely the domain of the full Committee. May the best man win. Thank you.

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