Oppose the Oceanside Recall Fundraiser

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Oppose Oceanside Recall

October 15, 2009


Requested Contribution: $100 per person

Any Contribution Amount Welcomed

Personal & Corporate/Business Contributions Are Allowed

No Maximum Contribution Limit
RSVP Online at SDLincolnClub.org

Oasis Bar and Grill at the Woodfin Hotel San Diego
10044 Pacific Mesa Blvd, San Diego CA 92121

Questions? Email RSVP@sdlincolnclub.org 

For more information:

Contact: Alicia Garcia
Phone: 619-531-1971
Email:  rsvp@sdlincolnclub.org

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  1. Some readers may not be aware of the attempt in Oceanside to recall City Councilman Jerry Kern. The recall election is scheduled for December 8, a matter of weeks before negotiations begin on the new public employee union contracts with the city.

    Bottom line…the recall is a power play by the labor unions to replace the courageous Kern with a new councilman of the their choosing at a critical time.

    The Lincoln Club is holding the referenced fundraiser this Thursday. The suggested donation is $100. The support is important in the effort to ensure special interests don’t seize control of San Diego County’s third-largest city.

    Whether or not you live in Oceanside, SDRostra readers may have an interest in seeing this bogus recall attempt quashed.

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