Five Days Until the Western Conservative Political Action Conference

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From Jim Lacy….

The annual Western Conservative Political Action Conference, (WCPAC) is practically here and will be kicking off its events this Friday at 5:00 pm at the Radisson Newport Beach!

Hurry and reserve your spot today to see leading conservatives from across the state and nation discuss important and timely issues facing Americans today. Leaders will include likely 2012 presidential contender, Governor Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota , Faith and Freedom Founder Ralph Reed, Jr., California Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner, Former President and CEO of Ebay, Inc., Meg Whitman and Congressman Ed Royce.

WCPAC will bring critical discussions on issues such as immigration, fiscal responsibility and government accountability.

This year’s WCPAC conference will be held at the Radisson Newport Beach beginning at 5:00 pm on Friday, October 16 and continuing through Saturday, Oct. 17. Seats are limited and the deadline to register online is tomorrow night. Day-of registrations are welcome.

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A full listing of the WCPAC program is listed below and can also be viewed at
Featuring a Blog Row throughout the Conference

FRIDAY, October 16, 2009

1:00 pm – Conference Registration Opens

3:00 pm – 5:00 pm – Exhibitor Hall Open

5:00 pm – 6:30 pm – Birthday Reception 
                  Open to the public
                  Master of Ceremonies: Hon. Jim Lacy, chairman, 
                  Western CPAC, Inc.
                  In Honor of Tom Fuentes, chairman emeritus 
                  Republican Party of Orange County
                  Special guest of honor Bruce Herschensohn,
                  former California Republican Nominee for the United States Senate
                  Speaker: Sir Eldon Griffiths, former Conservative Party member
                  of the House of Commons of the British parliament
                  Complimentary cigars, poolside
                  Live music by Esteban Servetti
                  Regnery Books door prizes drawing

6:45 pm – 7:15 pm – Private VIP Reception with Governor Tim Pawlenty
                   Cosponsored by WCPAC and the Lincoln Club of Orange County
                   Open only to full WCPAC registrants and OC Lincoln Club members
                   Master of Ceremonies: Hon. Jim Lacy, chairman
                   Western CPAC, Inc.
                   Speakers: Floyd Brown,
                   Governor Tim Pawlenty, Minnesota
                   Hon. Al Frink, former Assistant Secretary of Commerce
                   for Manufacturing under President George W. Bush
                   Introduction to Meg Whitman: Jon Coupal, President,
                   Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association
                   Attendee: Meg Whitman, former president and CEO of eBay;
                   2010 gubernatorial candidate

7:30 pm – 9:00 pm – Dinner: Advancing the Interests of Taxpayers in Times of Crisis
                    Welcome: Councilwoman Leslie Daigle, City of Newport Beach
                    Master of Ceremonies: Jon Coupal, president
                    Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association
                    Keynote Speaker: Governor Tim Pawlenty, Minnesota
                    Introduction: Assemblyman Jeff Miller, (R-Corona)
                    Keynote Speaker: Ralph E. Reed, Jr., founder,
                    Faith and Freedom Coalition

SATURDAY, October 17, 2009

9:00 am – 9:45 am – Continental Breakfast
                    Introduction: Hon. Jim Lacy, chairman, Western CPAC, Inc.
                    Featured Speaker: John Gizzi, political editor,
                    Human Events and Whitehouse correspondent

9:00 am – 12:00 pm – Conference Registration

9:00 am – 5:00 pm – Exhibitor Hall Open

10:00 am – 11:00 am – 1st Panel: Obama Express: Anti-American Policy Blitzkrieg
                 Moderator: Lew Uhler, fpresident and ounder, 
                 National Tax Limitation Committee
                 Panelists: Floyd Brown,
                 Thomas Del Beccaro, vice-chair, California Republican Party
                 Larry Eastland, member,
                 American Conservative Union Board of Directors
                 Dr. Richard Vedder, member,
                 National Tax Limitation Committee Board of Directors

11:00 am –11:15 am – Break

11:15 am – 11:45 am – Special Discussion on Immigration 
               Introduction: Bill Saracino, member, 
               Western CPAC, Inc. Board of Directors
               Featured Speaker: Congressman Edward Royce, (CA-40)

11:45 am – 12:30 pm – Special Presentation: Evils of Redevelopment
              Moderators: Councilman John Paul Ledesma
              City of Mission Viejo
              Steven Greenhut, columnist and editorial writer, 
              Orange County Register
              Presenter: Supervisor Chris Norby, Orange County; 
              director, OCTA

12:30 pm – 2:30 pm – Luncheon: Conservative Principles for Reinvigorating California’s Economy
               Master of Ceremonies: Lew Uhler, president and founder, 
               National Tax Limitation Committee
               Keynote speakers: Steve Poizner,
               California insurance commissioner; 2010 gubernatorial candidate
               Speakers: Assemblyman Chuck DeVore, (R-Irvine);
               United States Senate candidate
               David Keene, chairman, American Conservative Union;   
               National CPAC; vice president, National Rifle Association
               Introduction: Allen Brandstater, member,
               Western CPAC, Inc. Board of Directors
               Speaker: Barry Goldwater, Jr., former congressman;
               alumus, Young Americans for Freedom, (YAF)
               Taped speaker: Congressman Jason Chaffetz, (R-Utah)

 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm – 2nd Panel: The Rule of (Nebulous) Law: Thoughts on the Modern Judiciary
               Moderator: Gary Kreep, executive director
               United States Justice Foundation
               Speakers: John Eastman, dean, Chapman University
               Don Wagner, founder and past president,
               Orange County Federalist Society

3:30 pm – 3:45 pm – Break

4:00 pm – 5:30 pm – 3rd Panel: Online Conservatism: Tweeting the Message
               Moderator: Jon Fleischman, founder, Flash Report
               Panelists: Christopher Carmouche, co-founder,
               Ed Morrissey, Hot Air
               Ed Driscoll, multimedia journalist
               working with Pajamas Media
               Stephen Kruiser, director of Social Media, 
               Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit
               Matthew Cunningham, Red County blog
               Tim Phillips, president, Americans for Prosperity

5:30 pm – 7:00 pm – After Glow
                 Master of Ceremonies: Hon. Jim Lacy, chairman,
                 Western CPAC, Inc.
                 Speakers: John Fund, political journalist and columnist, 
                 The Wall Street Journal
                 Hon. Michelle Steel, Board of Equalization member, Third District

YAF Dinner featuring Barry Goldwater, Jr. immediately following WCPAC!

7:00 pm – 8:00 pm – Dinner: Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) Alumni Gathering
              Cosponsored by National YAF and California YAF
              Seperate cost applies; seats limited
              Master of Ceremonies: Erik Johnson, co-chairman,
              YAF Alumni Dinner
              Allen Brandstater, co-chairman, YAF Alumni Dinner
              Keynote speaker: Barry Goldwater, Jr., 
              former congressman; alumus, YAF

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Jim Lacy, Chairman
Western CPAC, Inc.


Comments 7

  1. The more voters learn about candidates (including Meg Whitman)
    the better-informed they will be when casting those votes.

    Jim Lacy and the other WCPAC leaders have worked the
    vineyards of California conservatism for decades…the fact
    that so many candidates come to their Conference is a
    testament to their continuing success.

  2. Post

    Jim is correct. For the same reason National CPAC invites all GOP presidential contenders to its conference (regardless of philosophy or the perception of such), much is learned by vetting the candidates and finding out where they really stand on the issues. In fact, sometimes much is learned by those that don’t show up, not being comfortable in the conservative setting. Also, comfortable or not, those that show up to defend less than conservative positions is telling, Kudos to Western CPAC for having the oomph to get the major gubernatorial candidates there.

  3. Barry:

    “Polprav” is a contraction of the Russian words “Political Truth”.

    The rank-and-file population of that country is adamantly
    anti-communist, and generally friendly to Americans.

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