Governor Signs Ammo Restrictions Bill

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Now flip-flopping all over the place from last year’s stance, the Governor today has signed AB962, the bill that requires buyers of handgun ammunition to leave thumbprints and detailed personal information with registered ammo sellers, as well as put restrictions on online bullet sales. It prevents California residents from ordering ammo on-line from out of state and having it delivered to them.

Taking effect Feb. 1, 2011, the bill authored by Assemblyman Kevin de Leon, D-Los Angeles, requires any ammo they buy would need to be picked up at a licensed handgun ammunition dealer, similar to the way guns are currently bought and sold, but without the waiting period. However, purchasers must supply a photo ID and a thumbprint. This info must be kept on file and supplied to law enforcement when asked.

The Governor thinks this is a balanced approach between law enforcement and the 2nd Amendment rights without imposing a big burden on citizens. I ask, why is the State making private small businessowners responsible for being “ammo police”? Putting together a list of purchasers of ammo and firearms that can be presented to government authorities when asked constitutes a direct assault on the 2nd Amendment.

When the gov’t comes aknockin’ to confiscate firearms, they will easily have a handy list with all their work done for them.

How many more studies have to be done to show that infringing the rights of law-abiding citizens does nothing to prevent or reduce crime. Crime goes down when the people have the right to carry firearms and the criminals don’t know who is armed. That is why the Founders made sure our Right to Keep and Bear Arms for self-protection is recognized as a God-given Right!


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  1. As has been said before, drug dealers and gangstas get ammo and weapons from Pancho or Juan from Arizona and Texas anyway. Now Pancho and Juan are going to be busier than before.

    Who advises this governor?

    As this was approaching, gun owners were stocking up on ammo in anticipation that Ahnold might sign.

  2. The only sunny side to this, is that this law will be defeated in Court, and that, even before the McDonald 2nd Amendment incorporation case is decided by SCOTUS.

  3. I guess Arnold put his brains in the same jar that Maria holds into which he put his balls.
    If he wants to live in a place with limited freedom and socialism, let him go back to Austria.

  4. Checked with my local gun dealer Marc Halcon at American Shooting Center. I asked him if there was going to be a rush on ammunition and he said that if there was, it would not work because his suppliers are already overwhelmed with demand and large quantity orders are not being filled. By the way, this over reach by the Governor includes reload devices as well as ammunition.

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