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by Joe Gelman

The photo below is of a property that I own, in Nevada. For all intents and purposes, under the guise of a COVID-19 emergency eviction moratorium, it has been confiscated by the U.S. Government and the State government without a penny in compensation to me the owner, and handed over to a squatter who pays no rent for almost a full year now, with no end in sight, and who’s lease has long since expired.

Claiming the risk of Covid-19, this squatter does not even allow my representative to inspect my own property to assure that it is maintained properly. I could probably get a judge to allow an inspection, but for that privilege, it would cost me around $1,000 just to go through the legal process of forcing a single inspection. He pays no water bill, and because of the “Covid emergency,” the water company cannot shut off his water.

I have a small mortgage on the property which I pay diligently. I pay for insurance, property taxes, and HOA dues. If I fail to make those payments, my credit would be harmed, and ultimately, the property could be foreclosed on. No “Covid emergency” for me. But there are ZERO consequences to the squatter for not paying rent, under the full protection and de facto encouragement of the United States government.

I wanted to sell my property to pay for my kids’ college, but because the U.S. Government is protecting the squatter, I can’t even show the property to potential buyers. How absurd is this? If I found myself homeless and wanted to move in to my own property for shelter, the US Government will side with the squatter, given the prohibition on evictions. That’s how absurd. This is what’s going on in America right now, and too many people have been intimidated into silence.


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  1. All property in the united states is owned by the crown. We just pay for it. The crown has giving it all to papal rome in an agreement that the queen can have her crown back and rule.

  2. This is indeed strange. The Nevada Governor’s moratorium on evictions applies towards renters not paying rent, however Nevada law allows for evictions when the eviction is for using the residence for self or immediate family members.
    If you haven’t started eviction proceedings your lease is still in effect and your realitor can show the house with 72 hours notice. If the tenants refuse entry, you can now evict for violating terms of the lease. Again, the moratorium prevents eviction for not paying rent, you can evict for other violations of the lease.
    Most Mortgage companies are allowing mortgages to go into forbearance for Covid19. Just like your tenants, you would still owe the mortage, just as your tenants owe you. The difference is when you bring judgement against your tenants, you will never collect.
    On the upside, Nevada has some of most landlord friendly laws on the books. I know, I have rentals here in Nevada, also in Oregon and California.

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