May 29 — 8,110 Mail Ballots split 46% GOP, 38% Dem, 14% Indy … Running Count: GOP now + 5,935 overall

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We have a fairly steady pattern now as Mail Ballots arrive.  Tuesday the 29th  was typical:   Republicans 46%  (3,721) of 8,110 processed,  Democrats 38% (3,084),  Independents 15%  (1,156).  The initial early returns (of 2 weeks ago) were at 41%  GOP – 39% Dem, but later ballots are averaging  GOP 45%,  Dem  38%.   Both major parties are above their registration share, but  Republicans out-perform registration by 7.4%   (35.2% reg,  42.6% of mail ballots) while  Democrats are + 3.2%  (35.3% reg,  38.5 mail).    Independent/ DTS  is big  Loser at  -9.1 %   (23.8 reg,  14.7% votes).  This has been true locally since the 1970s, and confirms their greater alienation/ or lack  of interest.  The Chart above shows running Count for ALL mail ballots to date.   THANKS to Registrar Deborah Seiler and Staff for Trusting the Public with the Truth.   YES,  we can handle it!   🙂


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