SD Labor Council votes “NO” on Rocky Chavez in 76th Assembly — Is that a Net Plus for Him in North County district?

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Who says  Rocky Chavez  stood up to Big Labor as an Oceanside City Councilman (2002  through 2009) on issues like out-sourcing, size of government, and Prevailing Wage?   Well, the San Diego Labor Council effectively  says so (!)  in its new “Voter Guide”.   The mailing cites those issues and says “Vote NO on Rocky Chavez”  and GOP congressman Brian Bilbray.  “Rocky Chavez is the wrong way for North County,” declares the Labor Council.   It seems safe to say, then, that Col. Rocky Chavez (USMC, ret.) “Walked the Walk”  as an Oceanside councilman  and could  be counted on to do the same  in  Sacramento  if elected a  State Assemblyman.

DISCLOSURE:   Rocky Chavez for State Assembly 2012 is a client.


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  1. Rocky’s last vote on the City Council was to place the Oceanside City Charter on the ballot. He was appointed to be the Under Secretary of the California Department of Veteran Affairs a month prior but he remained at his post to help the people of Oceanside take back local control of their city.

    The Charter included two items that the labor council hated the most: exemption from prevailing wage for locally finance public works projects and pay check protection for city workers. The Oceanside City Charter passed overwhelmingly and is now the model for the cities of Costa Mesa, Escondido, and El Cajon.

    I would think that more than the SD labor Council has a problem with Rocky. I imagine Orange County is not too thrilled either. In fact the state labor council is probably not too pleased about having someone like Rocky in Sacramento who advocates for local control instead pushing the agenda of the union controlled legislature.

  2. Let’s just say “NO” to the state labor council and Brian Bilbray. Time for people in North County to wake up and smell what’s going on !
    For the record, that Labor Council Voter Guide opposes Brian Bilbray, urging a NO vote on him as well… FYI

    Jim Sills

  3. Chavez left the city council under a cloud, showing he has no scruples. Would never vote for him.
    Rocky Chavez left when a Republican Governor asked him to serve as deputy
    Secretary of Veterans Affairs in 2009. Colonel Chavez (USMC, ret.) did
    that job well for 2 years, serving the veterans community. He displayed
    scruples & energy in performing an important public service

    Jim Sills

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