Martin Garrick on Joel Anderson’s Race for the 36th Senate District

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SD Rostra invited the Republican candidates competing in the 36th State Senate District race (succeeding Dennis Hollingsworth) to submit a guest column.  The commentaries have been posted in the order received prior to the deadline. Candidate submissions received after the original postings will be added as they come in, but in no case will any additional columns be added if they are written as rebuttals to the initially posted commentaries.  The following was received after the deadline…

Guest Commentary
by MARTIN GARRICK, Republican Leader, California State Assembly

Assemblyman Joel Anderson – A Proven Reagan Conservative

I had the distinct privilege of serving in the Reagan Administration with some of our country’s best and brightest.  During my tenure and shortly after, President Reagan changed the shape of the world with the fall of communism.  Rarely do we find conservative leaders willing and able to build bipartisan relationships that accomplish these lofty goals.

Having worked with Assemblyman Anderson for several years and I am most impressed with his Reagan “can-do” attitude.  Many legislators come to Sacramento with the best of intentions and then fail to deliver on their campaign pledges.

Joel is the exception, and he’s produced exceptional results.

I have been an eyewitness to Assemblyman Anderson’s remarkable ability to advance conservative values and gain support for important bills from even the most left wing legislators. His thoughtful manner has earned him the respect and admiration of all of his colleagues and his extraordinary record of conservative legislative victories is a testament to this fact.

Since his election in 2006, Joel has worked tirelessly with conservatives, moderates and liberals to pass critical conservative legislation that benefited not only his constituents but all Californians.

His first major triumph came when he led a bi-partisan coalition to stop California’s pension systems from investing in the Islamic Republic of Iran. This landmark legislation led 28 states to introduce similar bills in support of our troops.  Now the federal government is following California’s lead with national legislation.

And recently, Joel headed a diverse group of 74 bi-partisan co-authors to force the state to accept its own IOU’s so taxpayers can apply the IOU, like a store credit, to any state fees or taxes.

Now that our once golden state is on the verge of financial ruin we need effective leaders – true conservatives that have a track record of producing and passing conservative legislation to solve our major problems.

That is why I’m supporting Joel Anderson for the State Senate.  I know Joel’s innovative approach to government can rally moderate and even liberal legislators to support common-sense conservative solutions to rebuild California.

Assemblyman Anderson’s extraordinary labors have not gone unnoticed.  Many prominent conservatives and organizations have heartily endorsed his unceasing effort:

“Assemblyman Anderson is a great conservative leader who has fought to strengthen the economy by supporting tax credits to encourage new hiring and by eliminating excessive regulations on businesses. He’s fought to stop the irresponsible spending in Sacramento, tie the hands of politicians by enacting a spending cap and put an end to deficit budgets. That’s why he’s my choice for State Senate.” -Congressman Duncan D. Hunter

“Joel’s steadfast opposition to higher taxes earned him our highest rating” -Jon Coupal, President Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association

“Assemblyman Anderson is a rock-solid conservative that has been fighting in the trenches alongside the CRA for decades. He is the only candidate we trust to take the necessary actions required to return the state to fiscal sanity.” -Ken Mettler, Past President, California Republican Assembly

“Gun Owners of California fully endorses Joel Anderson because he is a battle tested defender of the Second Amendment and has a perfect record of fighting liberals tooth-and-nail to preserve our gun rights.” -Sam Paredes, Executive Director, Gun Owners of California

“Assemblyman Anderson has led the fight to preserve and protect private property rights for Californians. That is why we support and endorse him for State Senate.” –East County Property Owners Association

There are only weeks left before the Primary, I hope that you’ll join me and support Joel Anderson for State Senate.  Joel is our conservative choice.  Please visit his website at to learn how you can get involved.


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