Let’s just blame the shooter’s politics

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In the last several hours, I’ve seen just as many web “accusations” that the movie theatre shooter is a Tea Partier as I’ve seen “claims” he is part of the Occupy movement.

On Twitter, I referred to those pushing such irrelevance as idiots. Although my now relative calmness may not change the reality of that description, I’ll attempt a bit more thoughtfulness.

Maybe the perpetrator does have a political philosophy, maybe he doesn’t. That will follow, no doubt. Yet, one blogger wrote that as an Occupy member the shooter was upset because the new Batman movie supposedly depicts the movement in a negative light. Just as inane as the Facebooker who posted the shooter’s photo, noting that no conservative would have his sideburns.


We desperately search for a logical answer to an illogical act, when none is likely to follow. It will make more sense if we compartmentalize it. This sadly results in some politically-minded folks trying to blame a tragedy on the “other side.”

Yet, the reality is that evil comes in many forms.

Maybe right now we should simply pray for the victims and their families.


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  1. Some have asked why I didn’t specifically mention ABC’s incorrect early reference to the shooter being part of the tea party.

    In case you somehow missed it, this started with ABC News connecting the shooter (whose name I am purposely not mentioning) to the tea party movement, although in truth the tea partier was a completely different person by the same name. ABC has since corrected the “info.”

    But, I have just as much disdain — maybe even more — for conservatives who blow it out their rears without any proof.

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