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Spontaneous free flow is not my usual style of writing but I found my self wanting to write this Friday morning, when I, along with the rest of the country, awakened to the horrible news of a gun man murdering (12 so far) and wounding many others in an Aurora, Colorado movie theater.  The man is in custody.  At the time of this writing, nothing is known of his motive.

I lived in the charming city of Aurora one summer back in 1981 while attending Denver Seminary. It is difficult to imagine rampant violence in a peaceful community such as Aurora. I join millions of others as our hearts go out to the families of the victims. I’m sure we also share a desire for swift justice to the perpetrator.

But where as sympathy to the families and a need to confront the killer should be the only emotions and conclusions to this shattering tragedy, they will not be.

Unfortunately we live in stupid times. The more pundits try to analyze this event and make sense of it, the less sense they will make.

-We are guaranteed to hear about the need for stricter gun control laws.

-Some will blame the violence of the movie itself (the long anticipated Dark Night sequel)

-Probably many theaters will cancel screenings of this film, all the while showing other movies.

-Perhaps the pleasure of a movie will now be interrupted with tighter security and metal detectors before entering a theater.

-Just as people blamed Sarah Palin and the Tea Party for the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, watch for similar accusations in this case. Giffords’ shooter was actually a fan of The Communist Manifesto (a philosophy as opposite of the Tea Party as one could possibly find). That didn’t matter. Conservatives were still given lectures by Democrats about “toning down the rhetoric.”  Meanwhile, Democrats accusing all Republicans of wanting to see people die (since they rejected Obama Care) were not listed as examples of rhetoric which needed to be toned down.

-On the other hand, should this killer turn out to be Muslim, we’ll be cautioned not to rush to judgment. Unless he is actually a member of Al Qaeda, we’ll be told that this cannot be viewed as an act of terrorism.

Again, my heart goes out to the families of the victims. For them, this will not be about politics or gun control or blaming film producers. It will only be about never seeing their children again.


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  1. I have long been an advocate of the old adage that nothing good happens between midnight & 6am. Law enforcement reports that more crimes are committed during this time period, when the vast majority of the law-abiding citizens are asleep and criminals have the cover of darkness, greater anonomity, a scarcity of witnesses, and often victims whose judgment, defenses, and memories are reduced by alcohol or drugs.

    Granted, it is characteristic of adolescents that they seek the thrill of risky and/or dangerous activity, but the movie would be the same regardless of the time of day seen. Why choose the criminals’ time window? Maybe parents will think twice about extending their minors’ (or their home-dwelling collegians’) curfew deadline beyond midnight. Although the risk is not yet great, the risk/reward ratio is large enough to cause conscientious parents to reconsider such curfews. I imagine the parents/relatives of the 12 dead and 50 injured (at least those still living at home) wish they’d had more impact on their childrens’ curfews.

    I required my son & daughter to be home by midnight as long as they lived in my house. The adage is unfortunately more appropriate than ever as our society gets increasingly violent!

    Nevertheless, as Bob warned that the media will arrive at wrong conclusions as to how to avoid such massacres in the future, the sad fact is that the vast majority of those between 16 and 25 will probably continue to live as though these things only happen to “someone else”.

  2. How is the Tea Party different from Communism? Marx wrote that Communism would eventually lead to statelessness where there are no governments, laws, or nations any more. Grover Norquist has been widely quoted saying “I just want to shrink government down to the size where we can drown it in the bathtub.” Seems analogous to me.

  3. Post

    You apparently have never been to a Tea Party. It doesn’t advocate NO government but rather LIMITED government and holds identical views that our Forefathers held on the subject.

  4. Bob, the commenter is what is referred to as a troll. He can’t decide whether his name is Luke or Vickie.

  5. Vickie/Luke offers the common straw man argument that no Tea Party organization or leader has made — that we should have no government. Easy argument for him/her to attack — too bad for him/her/it (it could be a bot!) we didn’t MAKE the argument.

    Yes, there are a handful of anarchists sprinkled about the Tea Party movement, just as there are boatloads of socialists and communists dominating the Occupy/Progressive movement. But unlike the Occupy movement, the Tea Party movement is controlled by moderates who favor LIMITED government — quite different than the Occupy/Communist/Fascist/Socialist model of UNLIMITED government.

    A corollary liberals often present is that anyone who opposes tax increases wants ZERO taxes. Again, a made up attribution — which is all they can offer in response to the widely held voter opinion that taxes are already high enough — or too high.

    And BTW, no communist government in the world (nor any of its tyrannical leaders) has EVER moved towards a stateless society. Quite the contrary. It’s likely that the kinky and brilliant Karl “Groucho” Marx THOUGHT his pipe dream would lead in that direction, but history has proven him oh SO wrong — at the expense of scores of millions of victims.

  6. Father Bob, how was seminary life? Father Jerry Brown, had his problems also. May I call you Mr. Siegle? You and Richard Rider pontificate on topics you know nothing about.

    First off I spent months with the San Diego Occupy group. LA Times journalist (PERRY) at least did a drive by at Slab City. Thanks to peanut brain Sgt Miller , it cost me $1400 for honking my horn. Anyhow I did my curiosity factor well with the people I sipped Java with

    I am an Army Vet. I saw an opportunity to address Veteran issues with SD Occupy. Had set a meeting up with PR Man when the man was hurled 8 floors to his death. What a pink mist at Downtown Johnnies. 48 hrs later the body parts were still inside the patio. That Mr. Rider is Occupy. I find the murder of PR Man far more disturbing than Bobs morbid comments on the Dark Knight shootout.

    Father Bob any input on the Obama slaughter of women and children in Pakistan? I wonder if either of you ever served? You both prey on an uninformed public. Propaganda misters.

  7. What, if anything Mr. Erl, did Bob write that was either untrue or offensive? Or about Occupy?

  8. How come the Occupy Movement was not more lasting and successful? Can’t figure it out.

  9. Erl, the Occupy movement draws disturbed people like cow dung draws flies. Only disturbed people hurl THEMSELVES off tall buildings.

    Since there is ZERO evidence to confidently claim murder as you do, you’re likely just another disturbed person. Certainly your incoherent babbling suggests that such is the case.

    CAUTION!!! Stay away from the tops of tall buildings. Your disturbed impulses might make you jump too.

  10. It’s hard for a movement to last when its members hurl themselves off tall buildings.

  11. “No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country.” -Gen.George S. Patton

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