In her own Words… NRA member Christine Rubin on the 2nd Amendment and State law

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Here is more from Christine Rubin on the 2nd Amendment, from her own campaign website:

“I support the repeal of AB 962. California should not have the right to regulate the purchase of ammunition.

California also should become a “shall carry” state for law-abiding citizens to
obtain a concealed weapons permit (CCW).

Protection of one’s self or family should be considered “good cause”. I oppose any legislation that restricts the sale or transfer of guns or ammunition.”

Read Ms. Rubin’s views on this, and other issues here:

Christine Rubin is an NRA member. She believes in our right to defend our homes and families.


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  1. Hey Christine,

    Any gun rights advocate knows and understands that CCWs should be “shall issue” and not “shall carry.” Perhaps this is why you didn’t get the NRA endorsement…nuff said.

  2. Dos that mean nice try that she is opposed to Shall Issue and used a twist of words to weasel out of it, or is it more likely a slip of the tongue? You made a judgment, back it up.

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