Lorie Zapf Endorsed by San Diego Tax Fighters Lorie Zapf Endorsed by San Diego Tax Fighters

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At this point it might be easier to post who isn’t endorsing Lorie Zapf for City Council (Unions, Donna Frye, Kim Tran and Family, and Citybeat)

From the campaign:

Lorie Zapf Endorsed by San Diego Tax Fighters

The Lorie Zapf for City Council campaign today announced the endorsement by the San Diego Tax Fighters.

The San Diego Tax Fighters is known for its tough defense of San Diego and California taxpayers and its intellectual integrity in supporting only those candidates truly committed to reform of local and state government. Richard Rider, the President of the Tax Fighters, is widely recognized as one of the state’s foremost taxpayer advocates. The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association named Rider the 2009 “California Tax Fighter of the Year” — an award they have given out four times in 31 years.

Commenting on the endorsement of Lorie Zapf, Rider stated that, “Lorie Zapf will be a strong proponent of reform at City Hall. Standing up to the special interests to reform the pension system and balance the city budget is not for the faint-hearted. Lorie has the strength and commitment to get the job done.”

Zapf, a candidate for the open 6th Council District, thanked Rider and the Tax Fighters, saying, “I’m grateful for the support of the San Diego Tax Fighters. True reform of our city’s budget will require a concerted effort by elected officials and concerned citizens alike. I look forward to working with Richard Rider to turn the city around.”


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