Harkey’s “Bitter Loser” letter highlights DeMaio’s whining campaign strategy

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Carl DeMaio’s campaign is getting ugly… and desperate.

The big news this week is that two conservative candidates announced they will be running for Congress in the 50th Congressional District: State Senator Brian Jones and Former Chairman of the House of Representatives’ Committee on Oversight and Reform, Darrell Issa. Both are formidable candidates with views that align with the district, while DeMaio is campaigning as a “New Generation Republican”. But for all of his talk about “reform, inclusion, and a positive message,” DeMaio is hostile to Pro-Life conservatives.

Issa launched his campaign yesterday morning with support from four former opponents: El Cajon Mayor Bill Wells, former Escondido Mayor Sam Abed, retired Navy SEAL Master Chief Petty Officer Larry Wilske, and Temecula Councilman Matt Rahn. The four former Congressional candidates are dropping out of the race and coalescing behind Issa because they recognize one simple fact; Carl DeMaio and Ammar Campa-Najar support unregulated abortion and neither line up with the Pro-Life views of the District.

What did Team DeMaio do when a well-funded, proven, Pro-Life Congressman announced his campaign? They trolled Issa’s press conference and released a letter from failed candidate Diane Harkey, attacking Chairman Issa because he refused to give her losing cause more money.

Why would Team DeMaio attack? Issa is the big dog in this race with tons of money and a a proven track record in Congress. Brian Jones is no slouch, either. He has won nearly every single election, from Santee City Council, to State Assembly, to State Senate.

Enlisting failed Congressional candidate Diane Harkey’s help was a mistake. I like Diane, I supported Diane, I respect Diane, but Diane only faced an electable opponent once in her life and lost. Just like Carl DeMaio did…twice.

The 50th Congressional District isn’t for whiners, it’s for winners — Jones and Issa know how to do just that.


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  1. I got started in politics volunteering for Carl in 2012. I think he’s a great activist for specific causes but overall not a good fit for the 50th. I hope he remains engaged in the Taxpayer fight but not the 50th. At the end of the day, I feel enough folks in the 50th will have Duncan’s back to make it to November.
    I’ve been at a few Congressional forums and Duncan Hunter has been great!
    I am very disappointed Issa didn’t fight for and defend his seat.

  2. Darrell does have to answer to why he quit his campaign and then kneecap Diane Harkey when she needed him the most.

    That’s very troubling and he needs to answer if he wants to be taken seriously.

  3. Post

    “That’s very troubling and he needs to answer if he wants to be taken seriously.”

    I think I addressed that in the 4th paragraph. Many donors “kneecapped” Diane, right after the June election

  4. Brian Brady just can’t get his facts straight. He calls Issa a “Pro-Life Conservative” but maybe he should have done his homework first (note: Brady doesn’t care about facts, he’s got a personal ax to grind against DeMaio). But for others interested in facts, here they are:

    DeMaio opposes funding for Planned Parenthood – always has.

    Here’s Issa’s position:

    “I went off to college in 1972, just at the point that Roe [v. Wade] became the settled law of the land. For many people in both parties, but disproportionately in my party, they think that it’s not settled. I will tell you that it’s clearly been settled. … Planned Parenthood and other groups will continue to be funded and I will make sure of that,” Issa said.

    Read it and weep Brian:


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