Carl DeMaio to Launch “Secure the Border Initiative” Campaign at Massive Rally in San Diego County

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National Super-PAC will target Washington politicians who refuse to support 5-point plan to combat illegal immigration and secure the border

Congressional Candidate Carl DeMaio will release a major national initiative to secure the border and combat illegal immigration.

At a large rally of activists in San Diego county, DeMaio will help launch the “Secure the Border Now” Super-PAC – a campaign committee that will target Republicans who are weak on border security issues and will work to defeat Democrats that stand for open borders. With the creation of a national Super-PAC, DeMaio believes citizens will be able to pressure the Washington politicians to finally act on border security and curbing illegal immigration.

DeMaio proposes candidates be graded on their support on a 5-Point Border Security Initiative he is unveiling:

1. Border Staffing and Infrastructure: Building a wall/fencing/barriers and utilizing teachnology and other necessary infrastructure, along with additional manpower, to help Border Patrol Agents do their jobs effectively.
2. Fix the Asylum and Immigration Loopholes: Reform our immigration and asylum laws so we can empower our Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents.
3. End Sanctuary Cities and Cut Welfare Benefits: End Sanctuary Cities and taxpayer-funded welfare benefits for illegal immigrants – and withhold federal funds from any state or local government that fails to cooperate.
4. Combat Illegal Employment by Enforcing E-verify: Mandatory and fully enforce the E-Verify program to reduce unlawful employment of illegal immigrants.
5. Merit-Based Legal Immigration: End “chain migration” and instead use a merit-based selection process to vet and welcome legal immigrants and skilled guest workers. America is a nation of immigrants – and must be a nation of laws.

WHERE: Carlton Oaks, 9200 Inwood Drive, Santee

WHEN: 10am, Saturday September 28

WHO: Carl DeMaio – Candidate for CA50 Congressional District
Christopher Harris, former Border Patrol Union Executive – San Diego Sector
Agnes Gibboney, Angel Mom
Melanie Kortlang, Angel Mom

“Powerful interests want open borders no matter what the financial cost or security risk to our country. We cannot wait for Washington politicians to act; it is time that citizens rise up and force action to secure the border” – Carl DeMaio

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