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Carl DeMaio announced his candidacy for the 50th Congressional District yesterday and had a banner day in online fundraising. Prior to announcing, Carl had been soliciting support from “misfits” of the local GOP these past few months, citing a NRCC-commissioned poll which suggested that only he could defeat the Democratic opponent. 

Carl told me (and a few other “misfits” of the local GOP), that the NRCC polled likely voters in the 50th Congressional District and tested the leading Democratic candidate against: DeMaio, former Congressman Darrell Issa, incumbent Congressman Duncan Hunter, retired Navy SEAL Larry Wilske, and El Cajon Mayor Bill Wells. He stated that the NRCC-commissioned polling proved that he was the only candidate who could win.

I declined to support him this election because I want a Pro-Life District to have a Pro-Life Member of Congress. Carl is a long-time supporter of a woman’s right to choose.

I supported Carl DeMaio in 2012 for Mayor of San Diego. I supported his 2014 campaign for Congress in the District in which we both live. I supported him (in 2014) and voted for the local GOP to endorse him, over Pro-Life candidate Kirk Jorgensen, because Carl cited NRCC-sponsored polling which said he is the only one who could beat Peters.

He never produced that NRCC-sponsored polling in 2014. If he produces this year’s NRCC-sponsored polling data within 48 hours, I would gladly support him and personally call Issa, Hunter, Wilske, and Wells and tell them to drop out of the race.

Rather than sniping at writers on this blog, Carl should #ProduceThePoll. His credibility depends upon it.

Faithfully submitted by the Resident “Fringe Misfit”


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  1. Hey Brian Brady. Consider this: You’re backing an unwinnable candidate for CA 50. So why they heck should DeMaio give you a poll? You have evidenced REALLY BAD judgment for several years, and this is no different. So why bother at this point. Like any good pro candidate with 1000s of people to call, I assume DeMaio has moved on after crossing you off the list.

    PS: the poll you want was actually referenced and vetted in Politico – here’s the story: https://www.politico.com/states/california/story/2019/08/05/san-diego-republican-to-challenge-embattled-hunter-for-house-seat-1129784

    I’ve seen the poll as have others in San Diego. It shows 1) DeMaio is the STRONGEST candidate for holding CA50 among ANY Republican tested. 2) DeMaio beats Issa and Hunter…and all other lesser candidates by solid margins.

    But hey – Brian Brady knows better! He knows we should go with some random candidate who nobody knows and who lists his biggest accomplishment as getting his meal paid for at a Rotary Club.

    PS: Please run for office Brian. I mean, you know everything about politics, so SURELY you will win and teach us simply rubes how it is done. You live in CA49 right? Or maybe you do AD76? No wait, SD Mayor? Pick any of the three and tell us how it is done…

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    Inlookers, THIS is the real Carl DeMaio. He loves if you you write him a check or bang on doors for him. He berates you and calls you names if you disagree with him on policy or call him out for lying.

    PS- Carl lied about the NRCC poll and he’s pissed that a few of us called him on it. How do I know this? He hasn’t crossed my name off his list; he’s starting a food fight on a local blog with me.

  3. Brian raises a thoughtful question.

    Two things strike me as I reflect on my past conversations with Carl. Their emphasis on his polling and his uncommon frustration with me when I inquire about the details of his polls.

    I’m sure Carl is on the up and up here but I think producing poll data would help create trust.

    It’s noteworthy that two of the San Diego’s strongest advocates for the GOP brand of limited government, individual liberty, and free markets are being labeled as “misfits” and “fringe” and are tagged with association fallacy tied to Nathan Fletcher.

    Update. Like Fletcher and Charles Manson, Brian and I also like fish tacos.

  4. How would Carl produce a poll commissioned by the NRCC to test Republican primary? It’s theirs to publish (which they won’t.)

    End of story

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    “How would Carl produce a poll commissioned by the NRCC to test Republican primary?”

    I don’t know but this is the second time he’s solicited support based upon findings in an “NRCC-commissioned poll”.

    “End of story”

    But…it’s not. After 2014, I learned to “trust but verify” claims about the NRCC so I called a few people in DC after Carl made his claims. Each one I called laughed; the NRCC isn’t polling this District (yet).

    Credibility matters. This is just the beginning of THAT story.


    Fringe Misfit

  6. I live in the 50th and will never support Carl. He gave me his endorsement then reneged. He’s self serving and a liar. Oh, and I have a Down Syndrome daughter, who Carl’s allies consider a perfect reason for abortions.

  7. Hey “details,details”,

    Here on Rostra you have called both Brian Brady and Eric Anderson “fringe” and criticized them. Yet you hide behind a screen identity. Why won’t you identify yourself so all of us can know who you are? If something is worth saying it’s worth standing behind with your name.

  8. As a side note, I know what the poll says, complete with all sorts of messages and tests. There is no way any politician with a brain in their head would release a poll that also shows their weaknesses to opponents or supporters of opponents. That would be absolutely insanity. Yikes!

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    “As a side note, I know what the poll says, complete with all sorts of messages and tests.”

    Is it from the NRCC? I trust you, Kristine and if you tell me it’s from the NRCC and it says only Carl can win, I will endorse him right here, right now.

  10. I’ve no idea who did it, nor did I ask. What I did ask was about the sample size, the questions asked, the polling against other R’s and D’s, the negative messages tested and how they affected the polling, how much the negative messages on various things affected the polling -i.e. – percentage point drops with negatives. I found it to be very thorough and very well done, obviously not a cheap poll either.

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    “I’ve no idea who did it, nor did I ask.”

    Got it. The representation was made that an NRCC poll was performed, suggesting that only DeMaio could win. That doesn’t exist.

  12. The poll did suggest that. I think that’s the main thing that matters. Was it a statistically valid poll and what were the results? I have no horse in this race, aside from wanting the 50th District (which I don’t live in) to have good discussions on policy instead of the personal attacks that the current inhabitant of the seat makes.

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    “I think that’s the main thing that matters.”

    Character matters. I cling to the notion that politicians should not misrepresent things to me.

    For example, when Sheriff Gore said one thing to me and did the exact opposite, I wrote him off.

  14. Character matters to me too. That’s why I will never support Donald Trump, Joel Anderson or Duncan D. Hunter, nor should anyone to whom “character counts”.

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