Democrat Civil War

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Democrats in San Diego are preparing for civil war. Former Councilwoman Donna Frye is leading the charge against Mayor Bob Filner … accusing him of sexual misconduct. Don’t expect Filner to just toss up his hands and resign though. That’s not his nature. It’s unclear, actually, whether he even should resign – but we’ll learn more at the Frye press conference tomorrow.

So if he doesn’t resign, then what? Frye doesn’t have the financial means to mount a recall. Bob doesn’t have a ton of Democrat allies – he was the Democrat choice by default. So what does labor do? What does the business community do? Who picks up the tab for a recall? I’ve got to guess that business sits this out. After all, why should they pay to solve what is going to be a bloody internal Democrat fight. Labor?


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  1. Shouldn’t the women come forward through real attorneys with their claims, so Mayor Filner can face his accusers (i.e. 6th amendment). As public employees they have an obligation to be honest and forthcoming. They might even have the right to ask the City Attorney to represent them. The Council can always call a special election if so motivated and warranted.

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