And now, Sexual Harrassment, says Donna Frye

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Maybe the mayor won’t even last as long as Mike Aguirre did…

KPBS: Filner Asked To Resign Over Sexual-Harassment Claims
By Sandhya Dirks, Mark Sauer, Amita Sharma

At least three staunch supporters of San Diego Mayor Bob Filner are asking him to resign over allegations of sexual harassment, KPBS has learned.

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  1. The rats are fleeing with the pending FBI felony charges about to come down. Are we really to believe Filner’s “sexual harassment” behavior is any different than his prior behavior in DC, which all these Democrats were okay with until now. Seems suspiciously like Democrats got an early tip from the FBI and now Donna Frye is gaming Filner’s demise to advance herself in an upcoming special election to replace Filner.

  2. About a year ago I heard a truly appalling story from a gal on how Filner treated her at a party. I won’t repeat the details as I’m not an eye-witness but they were shocking, and she was a Democrat. If these accounts are even in the ballpark of that it doesn’t surprise me at all that the Dems are coming forward to remove this guy from office.

    Filner will be departing office as the textbook example of a everything people despise about politicians: self-serving, shake-down artist, mistreating people, lies… etc. Strange how the general public associates politicians with these traits but then are shocked when they find one in their own backyard.

  3. Mayor Filner may not resign right away. Perhaps he needs his office as a bargaining chip with the feds, who allegedly are investigating him for possible criminal activity re: the $100K Sunroad “donation.”

    He might offer to resign if the feds will drop their investigation and not pursue charges.

    Pure speculation on my part.

  4. Is something suspicious going on? I’ve never trusted Gonzales or Briggs, because they make a living out of fleecing the City when elected officials willingly settle their bogus claims. So the easy question has to be, “Is this a setup?” Since the Sunroad shakedown and FBI investigation, more and more questionable Filner behavior is being revealed every few days. Suddenly, more builder shakedowns pop up, city funded trip to France, and US Rep. Peters coincidentally takes actions to distance himself from Filner. Now, we learn Mayoral hopeful Donna Frye and environmental shakedown attorneys Gonzalez and Briggs are the go to sexual harassment attorneys for Mayor Filner’s staff and not City Attorney Goldsmith? Frye, Briggs and Gonzales have unnamed sexual harassment claims as if Filner would behave any differently than he did in DC? Three different letters and all unnamed sources. Not saying I know, but one has to wonder if Democrats got a tip about upcoming felony charges from the FBI or the very partisan US Attorney General. If such a tip occurred, environmental shakedown Democrats no doubt would jump at rebooting Donna, and much better to have her defending unnamed female victims rather than developers. Now, it wouldn’t take much to dupe Donna without her even knowing she was set up (ambition is blinding), but we will know when she starts positioning herself for the special election. Other Democrats are certain to want Nathan back, and shouldn’t be long before DeMaio jumps in too. Call me crazy, but it looks like 2005 again in San Diego.

  5. I would love to know what Filner’s city council lap-dogs — Marti Emerald and Myrtle Cole — are thinking at the moment.

    Doug, if any suggestion of sexual harassment had been raised by Goldsmith rather than Frye, Gonzales or Briggs, Filner supporters would be waving them off as political grandstanding driven by the mayor and city attorney’s personal feud; and would defend Filner to the ends of the earth.

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