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It was a convenient meeting today with The Barkeep. We were just settling down to an early afternoon scotch when all hell broke loose at City Hall. Dobson’s was almost close enough to feel it. For those readers who don’t know, Mayor Bob Filner is being accused by high profile Democrats of misbehavior with various women (could this have something to do with yesterday’s high profile breakup with his ‘first lady’?).

The Barkeep doesn’t have a smartphone so I had to read him the emails and news columns as I got them. He almost seemed to go into a trance — but perhaps the scotch had something to do with that. Then it came (as always this is jotted down on a napkin and because I had to take a taxicab home, maybe not perfect):

We always knew Filner was an idiot who couldn’t keep his hands to himself. No. He is an idiot who can’t keep his hands to himself who doesn’t get that getting elected makes you attractive to some girls, but normally not the right girls. Now of course the Democrats in town didn’t ask Bill Clinton to retire right? By that I mean I think people or some people in the know knew what we were getting for our dime right?

Donna and Marco and that other guy I’ve never heard of, ok they are gonna have a press conference tomorrow and blow Filner up. They are planning to put so much pressure on the guy that he has to resign tomorrow or the next day. Maybe they have other Dem leaders ready to go. The Republicans will probably start piling on pretty soon. They’d be smart to let the Democrats fight it out but when have the Republicans been so smart?

But who gets something for all this. Sure Donna’s doing this for the good of her heart right? We all know she and Bob left at odds, and that she sees this push to get him out as her road back. Marco? His last name is GONZALEZ right? As in Assemblywoman Gonzalez. Mayor Gonzalez? Man that’s something the unions would like better than Filner. Remember Nathan Fletcher — the bright future of the GOP who became an Indy then a Dem? I’ll pull my teeth out if he isn’t in this mix somewhere and I don’t think those candlelight suppers with Filner and his x-girlfriend will keep Fletcher off Bob now that Bob is down. My bet — within 48 hours Fletcher is asking Filner to resign too.

This has been a bad week for old Bobby. The worst week I’ve ever seen short of the Duke out cryin’ in front of the federal building. It’s really been a bad time since about the day he took office. I know Bob Filner. Bob Filner is an ass****. I can’t see him just quitting. I just can’t see him quitting. He’s mean and doesn’t know when to keep his hands to himself and is stuck about 30 years back like me but he will go down fighting.

The Barkeep went on for some time but I was tired of writing. We had some of that great bread they serve then I got in a cab and came home. Now I’m going to watch a recording of Everyone Loves Raymond and take a nap.


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  1. You gotta wonder if the Democrats haven’t already had a strategy session for his replacement:

    1- Fletcher as “Mr Moderate”–(easy to criticize as he will have run for mayor as R, I, and D in a 14 month period)
    2- Lorena as reluctant but dutiful San Diegan (that Assembly post is a 12-year gig for her though)
    3- Frye as weathered but experienced fighter (too easy to call her an opportunist)

    My money is on Fletcher. He is the only one who didnt endorse Filner. Of course, he’ll need a campaign consultant

    Republicans would be wise to watch this thing play out

  2. It is interesting that Carl DeMaio put out a statement today telling Bob to resign. Carl’s smart enough to know that when your enemy is committing political suicide, you stay out of it. Unless maybe he’s switching races…

  3. “It is interesting that Carl DeMaio put out a statement today telling Bob to resign”

    I didn’t see that at all. I saw that Carl mentioned he was “talking about a plan to stabilize the city and help move past the chaos”. I saw nothing about him asking Filner to resign. Where did you see that?

  4. Email from DeMaio…

    As much as the outcome of the November election disappointed me, I had hoped that Bob would have been a good Mayor – and urged my supporters to give him time and be open to supporting and helping him. Sadly, the evidence is mounting that Bob Filner is simply incapable of leading our city. Bob Filner has bought such strife and turmoil to City Hall that we are seeing important issues that matter most to San Diegans being pushed to the side. This is no way to govern a city – San Diego deserves better. I appreciate the emails and calls! I want you to know I’m listening! I’m discussing several ideas with supporters and civic leaders on how we can best help stabilize the situation and help our city move past this chaos. As soon as we have a plan of action, I’ll re-connect with you. – Carl

  5. I have no inside information, but if I am DeMaio, I want to pressure Filner to resign for 3 reasons:
    (1) To play up the ties between Filner and Peters to his advantage, and then
    (2) To push the “see I told you so” message in his own campaign (can be effective), and then if he is really lucky
    (3) Put Peters in a position whereby his best chance of holding public office is to ask for Filner’s resignation and run for mayor himself.

    #3 may require more out-of-the-box thinking than our local Dem party counterparts are capable of. But if Peters’ people are worth anything, by now they should have considered the possibility that he could gracefully bow out of his current exercise in futility under the ‘there is something more important for my city’ banner, and automatically be as good of a candidate for mayor as anyone else the Dems could muster at this point.

    Pre-emptive note to Rich Rider: I’m not saying he would be a good candidate, I’m saying he would be as good as other dem options.

    But to that same point, what schlep are we going to parade up there that can beat Peters? Faulconer?

  6. I believe it would be much more likely to see DeMaio shift gears and run for Mayor (If Filner does resign).

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