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  1. I hate to add to rumor control, but Briana Bilbray has been spotted surfing off of Wind ‘n Sea. Should Briana decide that she has a mission in politics, neither worm has a snowball’s chance in hell of defeating the Best of the Bilbray clan.

    She would be able to raise more money than the Rostra pundits could imagine. One must simply go back a few years and recall the dynamics of both Donna Refried and Brian Bilbray, and the grass roots fired up.

    I’ll wager my table at Cafe Roma on a Briana landslide. With good health and family support, Briana has only the sky as a limit.

  2. Forget what JJ said, DeMaio is seriously considering running, and he would make a good candidate. He’s a DC-boy who went west, but can still leverage support from the beltway. He only started to step away from his DC ties when he decided to run for office in SD. I’m sure that the idea of bringing his west and east coast worlds together gives him a warm fuzzy feeling. The hold-up is that right now he would need to seriously consider how to build a winning coalition in that district against a dem who positions himself as a centrist.

    I’ve also heard Steve Francis’ name thrown out there, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see one or two other names appear from the dustbin of council races past.

  3. Rostra is also best when “were” using basic grammar, spelling and punctuation rules.

    Were. Were? Really?

    “Weve” corrected it.

  4. We’ve corrected Erl’s mess of a comment also. We didn’t touch the apparent foam gathering at the corners of his mouth when he writes about Briana.

  5. Mouth Foamer — ha! Now THAT is a catchy moniker for the endorsement piece. 😉

  6. DeMaio was a breath of fresh air. Now he is nothing but a politician trying to land another job. Go back to the private sector and come back in 10 years.

  7. The real battle in that race will be the PRIMARY. Who knows how many quality GOP candidates there will be? Not to mention Fletcher seeking an office for life.

    Whoever squares off with Peters in the general election should win. The low information voters won’t turn out, mindlessly voting straight Democrat ticket.

    NOT that it will be a walkover — the unions, trial lawyers and other special interests that so revere Peters will put up one heck of a fight.

    Personally I’d rather have Carl working on state and local issues, but he’d make a GREAT Congressman. No one works harder — campaigning, fund raising and legislating.

    Assuming we don’t have a recall against Filner in play in 2014, this may be his best move.

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