Rep. Darrell Issa & CA GOP Delegation Backing Carl DeMaio

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Support keeps piling up for Carl DeMaio’s bid for Congress. Many of the GOP members of the California Congressional Delegation are hosting a fundraising event for DeMaio on October 9th in Washington D.C. Of particular note: Chairman Darrell Issa is on board. This is a huge deal! Here’s the link to the event posted on the DeMaio website.  

Who Covered Up for Bob: Todd Gloria!

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Continuing with our series of “Who Covered Up for Bob Filner” this edition focuses on TODD GLORIA. First, let’s start with the money shot photo of Todd Gloria standing at Bob’s side on Election Day, while Bob voted for himself. Add to this photo the cheesy live TV footage of Gloria outside the polling station.  And the rallies and press …

Who Spoke Up vs Who Covered Up, Part 1

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In the next few days and weeks, I’ll be posting some interesting reminders about “who spoke up” against Bob Filner’s treatment of women. I’ll also be posting items showing “Who Covered It Up”. Let’s begin with this press conference – organized by the DeMaio camp featuring a powerful warning from Bonnie Dumanis.

Updated: Lee Burdick Must Be Removed By City Council Vote

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Update from Rostra Admin… Given that Bob Filner COS Lee Burdick is now asking for the City Council to protect her from big, bad Jan Goldsmith, what do you think of this post from the other day?… Posted Saturday, July 27… In the middle of the media circus surrounding Bob Filner’s “Rehab” announcement, the media missed an important development. On …

Bob Filner Wants “Due Process” For Himself, But Not Others

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Every time another woman steps forward with a tale of harassment, Bob Filner pleads for “Due Process.” Filner’s lackeys are crying “Due Process” at press conferences. No doubt Thursday night’s Democratic Party re-vote on whether to call for Filner’s resignation will also feature demands for “Due Process” before condemning Filner. Smell the hypocrisy? Oh, I do. Allow me to refresh …