Rep. Darrell Issa & CA GOP Delegation Backing Carl DeMaio

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Support keeps piling up for Carl DeMaio’s bid for Congress. Many of the GOP members of the California Congressional Delegation are hosting a fundraising event for DeMaio on October 9th in Washington D.C. Of particular note: Chairman Darrell Issa is on board. This is a huge deal! Here’s the link to the event posted on the DeMaio website.  

Who Covered Up for Bob: Todd Gloria!

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Continuing with our series of “Who Covered Up for Bob Filner” this edition focuses on TODD GLORIA. First, let’s start with the money shot photo of Todd Gloria standing at Bob’s side on Election Day, while Bob voted for himself. Add to this photo the cheesy live TV footage of Gloria outside the polling station.  And the rallies and press …

Who Spoke Up vs Who Covered Up, Part 1

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In the next few days and weeks, I’ll be posting some interesting reminders about “who spoke up” against Bob Filner’s treatment of women. I’ll also be posting items showing “Who Covered It Up”. Let’s begin with this press conference – organized by the DeMaio camp featuring a powerful warning from Bonnie Dumanis.

Updated: Lee Burdick Must Be Removed By City Council Vote

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Update from Rostra Admin… Given that Bob Filner COS Lee Burdick is now asking for the City Council to protect her from big, bad Jan Goldsmith, what do you think of this post from the other day?… Posted Saturday, July 27… In the middle of the media circus surrounding Bob Filner’s “Rehab” announcement, the media missed an important development. On …

Bob Filner Wants “Due Process” For Himself, But Not Others

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Every time another woman steps forward with a tale of harassment, Bob Filner pleads for “Due Process.” Filner’s lackeys are crying “Due Process” at press conferences. No doubt Thursday night’s Democratic Party re-vote on whether to call for Filner’s resignation will also feature demands for “Due Process” before condemning Filner. Smell the hypocrisy? Oh, I do. Allow me to refresh …

Survey USA Poll Good News for DeMaio, Faulconer

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So Channel 10 and UT San Diego paid for a Survey USA robo poll on possible mayoral contenders. It shows a statistical dead heat between Carl DeMaio and Nathan Fletcher. Full poll link below. Some observations Poll Understates DeMaio Strength with Special Election Voters It is widely known that the SurveyUSA poll over-samples voters – going with registered voters versus …

Politico Names DeMaio “Top 50 to Watch” in 2014

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Carl DeMaio continues to draw national attention in his bid for Congress. The latest is from Politico, which names DeMaio on its “50 People to Watch” List. He is the only Republican challenger in the nation to be put on the list. here’s the full story here’s the full list  

CA-52 Poll goes International

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I have a number of google alerts for news articles on local officials and candidates.  This piece from a major UK newspaper interested me because it discusses Carl DeMaio and how his possible candidacy touches on larger national issues for 2014.

Poll Released Today: Bob Filner’s Dysfunction

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Survey USA released a poll today on the local opinion of Bob Filner… They show he’s underwater on approval, and by 56-37% San Diegans call his behavior “inappropriate.” By 55-30% margin, people say Filner’s behavior could “impact city business a lot.” See full survey here. Also, in case you missed it, the UT Editorial Board released a piece discussing the …

Laura Duffy has followed the law

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I was curious whether US Attorney Laura Duffy did anything wrong by contributing to Carl DeMaio.  Instead of accepting Bob Filner’s accusations that she violated the Hatch Act, I decided to research it for myself. A simple search on the world wide web of the term “Hatch Act” directed me to the following site.  The federal government webpage clearly defines …

Fletcher’s Family of Friends

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Recently, Nathan Fletcher raised eyebrows for accepting a financial donation from the minor daughter of Lorena Gonzalez, the local labor union boss.  Nathan Fletcher’s continued move to the left appears to mirror his growing support from the Gonzalez family as a whole. The most recent financial disclosures show Marco Gonzalez, Lorena’s brother, donating to Fletcher’s Mayoral campaign. Marco Gonzalez is a well known …

Future Fletcher Voters in Poway?

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On Monday night, mayoral candidate Nathan Fletcher held an unusual teletown hall according to a couple of people who contacted me.  One would think it was a campaign forum with Fletcher talking about himself and why he thinks he should be mayor. One problem: The people who told me about the forum live outside the City of San Diego; specifically …

Fletcher Gets Failing Grade

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For someone who has spent so much time talking about improving performance at schools, Nathan Fletcher should really be looking at improving his own grades.  Yesterday, the California Republican Assembly released a scorecard for legislators on a variety of conservative issues. For the second year in a row, Fletcher received the lowest mark amongst all Republicans statewide.  His 56% is …

Fletcher’s Union, Big-Gov’t Record

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The title for this post is taken from a recent article by Steven Greenhut on the CalWatchDog website.   This article was clearly written in response to Fletcher’s official announcement that he’s running for Mayor.  One of the interesting things to follow in this race is how the candidates, and their campaigns, cope with the harsh scrutiny they will receive over …

Is Tom Shepard Blocking Complete Pension Reform?

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As everyone in San Diego (and probably the nation) knows, the big issue coming down the political pipeline is pension reform. Locally, everyone is talking about the prospect of two ballot measures simultaneously on the street collecting signatures to “fix the pension system.” On one side are the Lincoln Club, Councilmember Carl DeMaio and others looking to manage pension levels …

Ridiculous Developments in Redevelopment Saga

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Jerry Brown’s money grab of redevelopment funds has set off an orgy of spending projects up and down the State and everyone is trying to get a slice of the action. Here in San Diego, the City is planning to vote on over 4 Billion dollars in projects this week.  The San Diego school system, led by Richard Barrera, and …

Would you like some Water with that Baloney?

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Note to reader [This is a rant, not a properly organized posting]: Today, the City Council will vote on whether to raise our water rates…again. They’ll claim this is merely a “pass through” because the price of buying water has gone up on the open market. We don’t see an across the board increase (by relatively equal amounts) in different …