DeMaio and Filner are Close

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Jen Jacobs, of Sunshine Strategy (great name, but no relation) dropped some serious news on the Mayor race today. I don’t think I am the first one with the news, but seeing as posting credible polls is sorta my thing, I need to share. Below is the release and the polling memo.

Mayoral Independent Expenditure Campaign Announces Recent Poll Results
Filner’s numbers begin to plummet as voters become aware of his record and out of touch, old political ways

San Diego, CA – San Diegans for Reform is releasing polling information regarding the San Diego Mayor’s race.

The poll was completed on Thursday, September 20th.  The race today stands statistically dead even with Bob Filner at 41% and Carl DeMaio at 40% with 20% remaining undecided.

In a memo to the campaign, pollster Dave Sackett stated, “in the past four weeks, Filner’s ballot strength has been reduced by -7 points among the electorate as a whole, and has dropped by almost twenty points among DTS voters and the ballot test is now inside the margin of error among DTS voters.”

Sackett went on to say, “the data from this study demonstrates a clear path to victory for DeMaio based on a fundamental contrast between DeMaio and Filner on their records of performance. The contrast with Filner’s missed votes and his reckless spending combined with his unabashed arrogance of a career politician are issues that are both persuasive and relevant to San Diego voters, particularly DTS and Independent voters.”

San Diegans for Reform begins airing its next round of television this week.



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