Darrell Issa is a Pro-Life Candidate for Congress

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About nine years ago, I met Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich. He came to San Diego and hosted a salon for tea party activists. He spoke about how to operate in an “unfriendly” political environment. For many of us, it was the first time involved in politics.

Our ire was directed more at the “Republican Establishment” than President Obama and that worked in traditionally “red” states — Republicans rode the “tea party wave” to a House majority but  hadn’t picked up seats in California. Gingrich was trying to explain to us that we had “allies” among established Republicans in the California delegation. The best advice he offered was to “watch what they do” rather than “hear what they say.”

Last week, the Republican Party of San Diego County had an endorsement meeting. Prior to that meeting, an “anonymous” email was delivered to Central Committee members. It accused former House Chairman of the Oversight Committee Darrell Issa of supporting Planned Parenthood. The “proof” it offered was copied verbatim from a comment on one of my posts by somone named “details, details.” The “proof” suggests that Issa would continue taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood — the comment (and email) promoted the pro-choice candidate, Carl DeMaio.

Let’s remember Speaker Gingrich’s advice and look at how Chairman Issa voted when in Congress. Issa voted to prohibit partial birth abortions (2003), to treat violent crimes against pregnant women as a simultaneous crime against the unborn children (2004), against human cloning (2007), to prohibit taxpayer funds from going to Planned Parenthood (2011), to prohibit using taxpayer funds for abortions (2015) and to override the veto of that bill (2016), and to require health care providers to save babies born alive during botched abortions (2018). Issa has “0%” lifetime ratings from Planned Parenthood Action Fund, NARAL Pro-Choice America, and Population Connection.

Commenter “details, details” is anonymous and I don’t know who he/she is. I do know that he/she is not an “active” participant on this site, but comments only when Carl DeMaio is criticized or one of DeMaio’s opponents reports success. It is safe to say that “details, details” appears to be, at the very least, an enthusiastic supporter of radio talk-show host DeMaio.

More importantly, “details, details” is either a partisan Democrat or a fool. He/she is quoting an article, from a liberal reporter, about alleged comments made in the heat of a protest. Chairman Issa’s voting record is perfectly Pro-Life — that is fact.


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  1. Very accurate and well written article. But the title (Darrell Issa is a Pro-Life Candidate for Congress) while accurate is a little misleading because it makes no mention of another candidate in the race that is also pro-life. The title would lead someone uninformed to believe that Issa is the only pro-life candidate.

  2. Indeed @Voltaire. As the title indicates, “a” not “the,” but indeed. That of course is not the point of the article. Since you brought it up, we believe there is more than one other candidate in the race who is pro-life.

  3. @Voltaire

    There are a lot of Pro-Life candidates for Congress. I’d venture to say that there are over 400 of them, in this election cycle, for the 435 open seats in the House of Representatives and probably 40-50 of them for the 33-34 seats in the Senate. It would not be a stretch to say that there are over 500 Pro-Life candidates for Congress in this election cycle, Darrell Issa is one of them

  4. Uhm, there are three Pro-Life candidates. One who’s under indictment, one who we love and he has no chance of winning, and then Congressman Issa, who has name ID, money and a proven track record in Congress.

    And then there’s a candidate who’s proudly, er… He used to be a proudly pro-choice Republican, but now he’s trying to hide from his long pro-choice record.

  5. As noted above, “we believe there is more than one other candidate in the race who is pro-life.” That would equate to at least three. Ok, make it three.

    To be very clear, no one here, including the author of this post, even tried to suggest Issa is alone.

    Carry on.

  6. Post
  7. Amazing how all the comments try to make excuses for the original post. Clearly, it was trying to insinuate a certain point by not even mentioning there were other pro-life candidates. Even Thor (or maybe Thor’s assistant LOL) tried to split hairs by noting it used “a” not “the.” C’mon folks!

  8. @Voltaire While I have never met Thor’s Assistant, his generosity on this forum is unmatched. Simply submit an article and you can promote most any candidate you choose.

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