Carl DeMaio Slams Gov. Gavin Newsom for Using Phony Investigation to Shift Blame for High Gas Prices

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A day after Gov. Gavin Newsom announced he would order an investigation into why California’s gas prices are so high, Carl DeMaio, leader of the 2018 Gas Tax Repeal Initiative campaign, gave Newsom his answer: “Look in the mirror!”

DeMaio outlined why Newsom’s own policies are solely to blame for the high prices. A recent attack on Saudi Arabia oil production brought to light the shocking fact that California is the only state in the nation that is dependent on imported oil due to its crazy regulations costing more than $60 million a day!

“It’s simple: Gavin Newsom’s policies like Cap and Trade, restrictive regulations, and more are the root cause of high gas prices in California,” said Carl DeMaio. “Gavin Newsom is an arsonist firefighter — and he is setting up a phony investigation to try to cover up his own gas tax scam,” he continued.

DeMaio accused Newsom of intentionally using a phony investigation to cover up his own culpability on high gas prices and to distract from his fraudulent raids on gas tax revenues — moves he quietly made last week through a directive from the Governor’s office to shift funds from road repair projects to climate change initiatives.

“The only investigation needed is one into the fraud Gov. Newsom is committing by spiking the gas tax and stealing the money that should be going to roads,” said DeMaio. “Newsom is using this phony investigation to draw attention away from his own fraud on gas prices — namely the raids he ordered on our gas revenues that shift money from road repairs to his pet projects, and Californians must hold him accountable.” said DeMaio.


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  1. I’m a math guy Carl. Please show me the lowest gas prices in the U.S. and add the costs of California’s additional taxes and clean fuel requirement costs per gallon. Now go back to fishing for energy sector donations.

  2. Hey Carl – this high gas tax is just one more reason you are needed here in California where you can energize your troops to fight against California leftist policies.
    Don’t be squirreled away in Congress doing the bidding of the R minority leaders who are on what side, I don’t really know.
    High gas prices is just one issue/symptom of the real problems facing California. Meanwhile most R politicians/candidates ‘skirt’ around the real problems and seemingly afraid to bring them up for discussion. Either you start the discussion to solve the more fundamental problems or you continue discussing symptoms. Which way is it?
    Now to seqway into a real problem – Public Education. If we are not allowed to replace Common Core, it may means the R politicians are right on board with that globalist agenda. Otherwise it would be discussed instead of ‘school choice’.
    If we are stuck with Common Core, here’s my solution. Carl, If you don’t agree with it, do we really want you as our next Congressman in the 50th?

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