Calling All Would-Be Campaign Consultants: No on D Needs YOU

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Think most political campaign ads suck? Think you can do better? Now you have the chance, and you could win a really swell prize too.

The No on D campaign has opened up a viral video ad contest asking for people to submit their own “No on D” ads. There aren’t any formal rules, although I’ll advise you right now to do your best not to slander anyone or tell an outright fib. Convince the viewer why he or she should vote against Prop D. Upload your ad to YouTube and send the campaign a link at You’ve got until Monday, October 25 to do it.

The ad judged best by San Diegans Against Government Waste will receive that swell prize I mentioned. It will include a gift card from Phil’s BBQ (thanks Phil Pace!), and an American Express gift card.

And your ad better NOT suck!

Full disclosure: I’m working on the campaign and I am one of the judges. I give extra points for humor, and the use of cute dogs.


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