No On D Puts On A Really Big Show

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Having big funding for a campaign is dandy. But when you’re being outspent by the opposition, creativity must step in and take over.

In the case of the campaign against Proposition D, San Diegans Against Government Waste doesn’t have the funds to make the big television ad purchase like the labor union funded campaign in favor of the sales tax. The Yes side’s ads have been running for weeks.

Sure, you can put your ad up on YouTube, and the campaign has done so.

But why stop there when you can show it two stories high? The No on D crew got its hands on the biggest Jumbotron this side of the Super Bowl, and put on a little road show.  Take a look at the results. It attracted plenty of news coverage.

It also attracted a few onlookers in a fire truck. Boys don’t like it when someone else’s toys are bigger than theirs. Huh.


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  2. Your “Take a Look at the Results” link isn’t working.

    And from your profile pic, it looks like the photos aren’t the only thing you shot. 🙂

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  4. Nice pics!

    My wife does more target shooting than me…I sleep well at night. I wouldn’t recommend any unannounced visits to our house.

  5. I just saw photos on facebook of Marti Emerald at a Yes on Prop D parade that also included many firefighters and at least one firetruck. How do they get to use a firetruck for a political parade? Shoulsn’t the No on D campaign be entitled to equal use of firetrucks?

  6. The answer is that it appears to not be a government owned rig…same rig in the photo we posted…no identifying marks. Many out of service rigs are owned by private citizens and are used in parades. If someone has some info to indicate any city trucks or engines were used to display Prop D material, please let us know.

  7. Okay, sorry about that. Deceptive at the very least, just like their entire campaign so I suppose I shouldn’t expect anything less.

  8. I saw a similar fire truck a few days ago with
    Yes on D signs. There were NO identifying fire
    agency markings on it. The license plate began
    with “Dlr” suggesting a dealer plate.

  9. Nothing to be sorry about. Firefighters on a rig definitely implies that the FD is in support of it officially, and most citizens don’t know that the department cannot technically campaign for a prop. Technically.

  10. Well, at least from the pics it didn’t look like a very well attended parade except for a bunch of kids far too young to vote.

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