Busby to Intelligent Messaging: Drop Dead

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Earlier this evening I spotted a small handful of people waving signs linking Congressman Brian Bilbray to white supremacy.

An odd and baseless claim. Only one word comes to mind, desperation. In a climate where voters are looking for candidates who will work to create jobs and turn the economy around, a claim so outlandish and irrelevant will only turn voters away.

Not surprising, Francine Busby, a serial candidate by trade, has no accomplishments of her own to run on, so it only makes sense that she would try to distract voters.

Since the freeway has bumper to bumper traffic, hopefully this distraction did not cause any accidents.


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  1. Saw the same unusual scene today on I-5.

    Their “message” was muddled, probably leaving
    most passerby baffled as to what the point was

    One sign listed a phone number to learn more
    about racial surpemacy. A larger sign urged a
    vote against Rep. Bilbray and something about
    a shadow government.

  2. Maybe Sunshine can shine some and tell us all why Maassive would think it is so telling?

  3. I’m not sure what exactly is telling, but if you’re thinking of the ol’ “you’re talking about it so the messaging is working” line, well, that probably doesn’t hold water because I’m looking at this critically as a political observer, rather than a voter, and there is a difference in perception.

  4. Those freeway clowns just HAD to be covert Bilbray supporters merrily making the Busby crowd look really stooopid. SURELY Busby and her minions are not THAT dumb.

    Right? Right, Busby supporters?

    I’d love to hear from Busby on this. Indeed, I’m sure she’s put out a press release denying any connection with these idiots, and denouncing their muddled message.

    Someone post that press release here — if anyone can find it.

  5. Point taken Mr. Maass, but don’t forget, this is the big tent of center-right blogging. We cover the factual, the relevant, the competitive, the interesting, the humorous, the absurd, and the dangerously absurd. Several months ago I made a post about candidates in this year’s 53rd Republican Primary accusing one another of being gay to a youth group that wouldn’t donate to them, vote for them, or volunteer for them. Why? Because it was hysterical to hear two over-caffeinated doomed candidates make insanely hysterical jabs at each other.

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