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Each of the currently announced Republican candidates for AD 77 was invited to submit a guest column to SD Rostra.  This is the third submission.  Click here for all the 77th AD candidate statements and posts on the race.

by Bill Wells
We gave California to the left a long time ago.  We have watched in horror as the riches of California were squandered in just a generation.  It was only a year ago that our country followed the path of California and gave unlimited power to the Liberal Progressives.  You were not fooled.  You saw “Hope and Change” as a hollow slogan; the reworked ideas of Socialism.  But this nation and this state were founded on the idea that the power of government is given by the people and for the good of the people.  It is for this reason that our way of life gives us, the people, the power to take our county and our state back.  History is now; and there is a political revolution in the making.  That’s why I’m running for the California State Assembly, 77th District.

Some will tell you that it does not matter who is elected as the next Assembly person.  They will tell you that it is a pointless job, a human sacrifice, in a state trapped so deeply in the quicksand of Liberalism, that no good can possibly be done.  I strongly disagree with this.  We have never had a better opportunity to change the way things are done in Sacramento.  I have no doubt that the balance of power will eventually change and when it does we must be positioned to exercise that power with conviction and authority.  I will be ready to do just that without regard to how I will be perceived by the Left or how it will make me a target in the next election.  Though I am the Vice Mayor of El Cajon, I still refuse to define myself as a politician.  I have entered politics to do good, not to do well for myself.

Conservative voting and decisive action are vital, but so is understanding that the other mission of an Assembly representative is to set the political tone for the district.  As your Assemblyman I will do what I have been doing for the past several years.  I will raise money for Conservative candidates, help recruit Conservative leaders and fight for the overall movement.  I have a record of fighting for Conservative candidates such as Jim Kelly, Gary Woods, Joel Anderson, Gary Kendrick, Mark Lewis, Sheri Gross, Meg Jedynak and Rob Shields.  I have raised money to build a child care center for Set Free ministries and to help PFC Corey Clagett, a Iraq veteran unjustly held in a military prison.  As the Vice Mayor of El Cajon I have initiated an audit of the El Cajon Community Development Corporation to protect tax payers and I opposed the El Cajon sales tax increase.  I have been recognized as the 2002 Mental Health person of the year and have volunteered services to help the homeless women and children at the San Diego Rescue Mission. I have fought waste on the Proposition H Bond Oversight Committee and have protected your interests on the board of the San Diego Waste Water Joint Powers Authority.  I have been in the fight for a better community and as your Assemblyman I will use that platform to do much more.

It is part of my core beliefs to defend the rights of the people over the desires of the government.  I am compelled to fight for life, property and all of the rights guaranteed by our Constitution.  I am repulsed by the encroachment of government in our lives by means of taxation and over regulation.  I am insulted by the scams of global warming and Radical Environmentalism.  I believe in the greatness of what we as a people can achieve if the government takes on its proper limited role and gets out of the way of progress and innovation.

I am not deterred that this is a contested primary.  This is a serious race and I am a serious candidate.  As iron sharpens iron I know that my opponents will challenge me to clearly convey to you, why I am uniquely qualified to represent you in Sacramento.  To do this though, I can not stand alone. I need everyone’s help to execute this plan of action.  I need your support and I invite you to weigh in on this race.  Visit my web site at and look more closely on where I stand on the issues.  When you do, I believe that you will feel compelled to join me in this fight.



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  1. This is a very good, serious statement from a solid conservative. It’s much more thoughtful than than what we normally get from candidates. Glad to learn that he understands the importance of building the conservative team in East County.

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