Christine Rubin on the Race for the 77th Assembly District

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Each of the currently announced Republican candidates for AD 77 was invited to submit a guest column to SD Rostra.  This is the second submission.  Click here for all the 77th AD candidate statements and posts on the race.

by Christine Rubin
It is obvious that California is broken. It is also obvious to anyone that cares about our great state that practical solutions and the political will to make the hard choices should be brought to bear.  At this moment in time, both those key elements are lacking.

I have the experience, political will, and integrity to make those hard choices on behalf of the people of the 77th Assembly District, unlike some of our elected officials who look to the next higher elected office.

Our California budget is beyond broken, our current elected officials can’t seem to fix it when they focus on the income side of the budget alone. This is because the budget is not the problem; it’s the symptom of bigger problems: over-regulation, job-killing legislation and automatic programmed increases without so much as an audit. My experience in Sacramento gives me the depth of knowledge necessary to formulate solutions that will work, and my integrity will allow me to act on behalf of my constituents without compromise.

Unelected state boards and commissions have been allowed to grow, unchecked, to the point of driving businesses out of business and out of California. I intend to serve the people who elected me, not the unelected boards and commissions. I am committed to reducing regulations that choke business, and to reigning in the power of these boards and commissions that determine the fate of so many.

Too many laws are written with little thought as to the cost, both human and monetary. Government needs to have the sense to let the people of California, with their great ingenuity, be left alone to rebuild our prosperity. We only need enough government to keep us safe, and then get out of our way.

I fully understand the work ahead of me. It will be difficult and challenging. It is not enough for me to attempt to pass new laws with little impact; my challenge is to identify what is truly broken and to apply my knowledge and experience, and my will and integrity to fix it.

I have already attended over 125 events and meetings as I campaign throughout the district. Please visit my website at for more information about me and my campaign.



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