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4th of July Reflections on Freedom

Monday, July 4, 2011
posted by Buck Turgidson

Happy Birthday America!

I felt the need to get that out there before the politically correct-police ban such speech as “divisive” or “extreme” or some other such beltway blather.

Refreshingly, after reading this brilliant piece by Steven Greenhut today, I at least feel slightly less alone in my overall lack of confidence and enthusiasm – check that, my absolute disgust and horror – about the direction our country is, and has been heading in, for quite some time.

Greenhut writes of our slow progression into a police state, and of the growing power and blood-lust for power among those employed by the government:


The New City Council President – It Can’t Be Worse, Can It?

Friday, December 10, 2010
posted by Buck Turgidson

So the new City Council has selected a new Council President: Tony Young.

I had always assumed he was part of the union-beholden Democrat bloc on the City Council.

But then the conservative Lincoln Club backed Young, a Democrat, in his re-election bid for City Council. Maybe this meant he was a bit to the left on social issues but fiscally conservative? Of all groups, I’m sure the Lincoln Club grilled Tony on his position toward tax increases and business-friendly policies before granting their endorsement, right?


The usage of Twitter by political folks is one of the most interesting developments of the past few years, if you ask me.

It would appear that one of the Mayor’s PR folks may have provided us with a politically and philosophically revealing photo today.

In a Twitter message, a Mayoral spokesperson talks about receiving a gift from outgoing Councilwoman Donna Frye, and posts a picture of it. However, note the giant Obama inauguration poster prominently displayed on the wall! I mean, are you serious?!?

The Mayor’s embrace of a tax increase is making more sense…


More on the Rider/Mayor Debate

Monday, November 22, 2010
posted by Buck Turgidson

Kudos to Richard Rider for taking on the Mayoral spokesperson.

She seems to be beside herself at how he could have the audacity to call out the pro-sales tax side for threatening voters by trotting out the police and fire chief as political pawns and telling people that their lives are at risk if they don’t capitulate to increasing taxes.

This is one of my absolute pet peeves that I’ve written about on this site before. The fact that the populous is not in more of an absolute uproar over the authoritarian muscle-flex by the Mayor and the public employee labor unions he teamed up with is beyond me.


Republicans United Against Public Employee Unions? For Our Sake, They Better Be

Saturday, November 20, 2010
posted by Buck Turgidson

I am of the opinion that the Republican Party has suffered mightily in recent years for maintaining its low tax mantra (a good thing!), but at the same time not adhering to its purported fiscal conservatism on the expenditure side of the government ledger.

A personal example: In 2008, I found nothing more detestable and downright frightening than the thinly-disguised socialism touted by Obama.

That said, I sure wasn’t thrilled about voting for John McCain. Nothing about the guy suggested to me that he would approach the office from the perspective of reducing out-of-control government. Instead, he seemed to me a very accurate, yet wholly disappointing, representation of what the Republican party had come to be.

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Tax Hungry Firefighters Called Out for Desk Job Bonus

Thursday, October 21, 2010
posted by Buck Turgidson

As this blog has mentioned on several occasions, sales tax proponents have consistently  stuck to their “increase taxes or you will die” mantra.

Channel 10 called out a “Desk Job Bonus” that is given to City of San Diego firefighters today. For anyone still wondering if they should support a sales tax, I highly suggest watching this segment immediately.

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Downtown Dishonesty – Did This Really Just Happen?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010
posted by Buck Turgidson

The Mayor’s downtown redevelopment scandal burst wide-open yesterday when he, Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher and downtown redevelopment leader Fred Maas held what the Voice of San Diego called a “mea culpa.”

They call the cigar smoke-filled backroom”process” they undertook “flawed,” and pledge to make everything better by holding meetings about a DONE DEAL to increase the spending cap for downtown redevelopment at the expense of the City’s General Fund, the County and the school district.

What happens if taxpayers show up at the meetings and say, “I don’t want the redevelopment cap lifted at the expense of my neighborhood.” What will they be told?



Wednesday, September 1, 2010
posted by Buck Turgidson

Since joining with labor union owned City Councilmembers to push a sales tax increase, the Mayor appears to be losing credibility at lightning speed in an attempt to somehow justify increasing taxes by $100 million per year.

In just the past week, he’s been continually called out in the media for peddling falsehoods about the sales tax proposal.

First, the most utterly hilarious:

“Our pension payments after 2012 will start going down instead of up.”

Um…not quite Mr. Can’t Get Out of Office Fast Enough, er, Sanders. Voice of San Diego says:


Kudos to Rostra blogger Bradley J. Fikes for this post calling out the thinly-veiled message in the U-T that actually precluded the sales tax proponents’ simple message:

“Agree to a sales tax increase or you will die.”

May I suggest we haven’t even begun to be spoon-fed this message. The coming months will be filled with it.

This is the strategy of the City Hall Machine. Keep telling all of us this message over and over until we finally say, “OK, here’s my wallet!”

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The political drama surrounding the effort to move forward with building a new City Hall building never seems to stop.

Back in February, four members of the City Council announced that they wouldn’t support moving the project forward without it going to a public vote, presumably in the November 2010 election.

The four on the Council to take this stand were Donna Frye, Sherri Lightner, Carl DeMaio and Kevin Faulconer.


Kudos to U-T: Fire Union Goon Called Out for Politicizing Public Safety

Thursday, March 25, 2010
posted by Buck Turgidson

In reaction to a tragic fire death in Golden Hill last week, the President of the San Diego City Fire Fighters Local 145 has come out swinging against the “brown-outs” of some fire stations used to curb overtime costs to help with the City’s budget problems.

Thankfully, yesterday’s Union-Tribune contained a column that calls out the union leader for politicizing the death of a citizen.

The U-T doesn’t buy what the union goon is selling:

First of all, an engine got to the scene of the Golden Hill apartment complex last Friday in less than five minutes. National standards say fire departments should shoot for that response time 90 percent of the time.


Yesterday, the Union-Tribune published a story about the City of San Diego recently increasing it’s solar permit fees by a multiple of six.

You may recall the across-the-board fee increases implemented by the City of San Diego in 2009. From the April 2, 2009 Union-Tribune story about that fee increase:

Mary Lewis, the city’s chief financial officer, said the mayor’s goal is to price the fees and permits so that they cover the city’s costs to administer programs and provide oversight, such as police or code enforcement inspections.


Did Marti Emerald Let the Cat Out of the Bag on Funding Scheme for New City Hall?

Thursday, December 17, 2009
posted by Buck Turgidson

UPDATE: Comments reveal that this isn’t as under the radar as I thought. Add commenter Jefferson to the hat-tip list.

Hat tip to Mr. Murphy’s post on Marti Emerald advocating for new city revenues and Thor’s Assistant’s posting of the link to the transcript. This interview is filled with marvelous insight from Marti.

The hidden gem: her disclosure of funding plans for building the proposed new million-square-foot, and half a billion dollar City Hall building (obviously, I’ve added the bold emphasis):


The Union-Tribune has a story today about a battle over the value of future pension payments between recently departed San Diego City Employees’ Retirement System (SDCERS) Administrator David Wescoe and Councilman Carl DeMaio.

The story’s headline says that DeMaio was “flagged” on pension payment data and that on his way out the door, Wescoe called DeMaio “misleading.”

Very well, my interest is piqued…what does the story say? Turns out that Wescoe is criticizing DeMaio for using numbers SDCERS provided to DeMaio!

From the article:


E-mail Prominently Displays Labor’s Thug Tactics

Thursday, December 3, 2009
posted by Buck Turgidson

To add more specific info on the previous post on this, check out an e-mail sent from the labor leader herself:

Subj: Bobby Glaser to be placed on Labor’s Do Not Patronize List

Bobby Glaser is going to have the unique distinction of being the first consultant to be placed on our official do not patronize list. Although the vote has not taken place yet, I anticipate it to be final by the first week in December.  I just wanted to alert people involved in any potential elections for 2010 that may want Labor’s support.

In solidarity,


Mayor’s Spokesman Compares Republican Party to Mass Suicide Group

Tuesday, November 3, 2009
posted by Buck Turgidson

The has reported the following Twitter message from Alex Roth, a spokesperson for Mayor Jerry Sanders:

“I’m beginning to see more and more similarities between the Heaven’s Gate cult and today’s Republican Party.”

The spokesperson issued a clarification and apology after receiving media attention. Seems like a bizarre statement for a PR person to issue publicly.

Your thoughts?


Todd Gloria: Out of Touch With City Finances

Thursday, October 22, 2009
posted by Buck Turgidson

From Gay and Lesbian Times, March 26, 2009

The city will end 2009 with a small surplus of about $2 million. But out of a $3 billion budget, “that doesn’t give a lot of wiggle room, but it’s important to note that we are living within our means,” the District 3 councilmember said.

GL Times states that Pension payments are also down for the year as result of a series of reforms implemented by the city.

Gloria’s take?

“Its not because of any funny business. No one is cooking the books. It’s because the reforms that have been instituted are reducing the overall size of our debt,” Gloria said.


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