Republican Mayor’s Office Full of Obama Supporters? – That Would Explain A Lot

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The usage of Twitter by political folks is one of the most interesting developments of the past few years, if you ask me.

It would appear that one of the Mayor’s PR folks may have provided us with a politically and philosophically revealing photo today.

In a Twitter message, a Mayoral spokesperson talks about receiving a gift from outgoing Councilwoman Donna Frye, and posts a picture of it. However, note the giant Obama inauguration poster prominently displayed on the wall! I mean, are you serious?!?

The Mayor’s embrace of a tax increase is making more sense…


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  1. The RINO has a democrat as his spokesperson? No, I can’t accept this as even possibly being true. There must be some mistake, she probably took the picture in Donna Frye or Todd Gloria’s office.

  2. THAT’S why I NEVER let the media shoot any tapings in my office — even when they whine. Such a video could reveal a rich treasure trove of the weird and bizarre — including many books I have yet to read.

    But wait. Don’t tell me that Rachel Laing actually took this wonderful “Obama” photo herself, and sent it out HERSELF! Can that be true?

    Obviously, I should’a gone into public relations work — especially given my warm, charismatic persona.

  3. Sanders has hired a number of former reporters as spokespeople. Since the great majority of reporters lean left, it should come as no surprise if Sanders’ PR people do.

    Hiring ex-reporters as spokespersons is clever on a couple of levels. One, as former reporters, the spokespeople understand how reporters think.

    Two, the PR staffers have friends among the reporters who used to be their colleagues. That may have resulted in Sanders getting less critical coverage than he otherwise would have received.

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