Libertarians And Christian Conservatives Beware

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Over at Andrew Breitbart’s Big Journalism, a caution to Libertarians and Christian conservatives not to fall prey to the MSM’s wishful thinking about a supposedly impending Tea Party civil war.
(The second link was to an article in Newsweek by Colin Woodard in which the left-leaning journalist writes about his dream that the Tea Party will implode).

Dana Loesch writes:

“Coalitions between different groups who have various beliefs in common are instrumental to success. We can’t disrespect, by way discounting or misunderstanding our different sticking points, the beliefs of the various groups comprising the tea party movement, but we all have more in common with each other than we do with factions on the left: the communists, the socialists, the say-they’re-anarchists-but-are-actually-socialists. We know that the only way to securing increased civil liberties comes by way of our alliance and we must continue to hold the line and work together.”


(DISCLAIMER: As with all I write here, this is my opinion, and not necessarily that of my employer, the North County Times).


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  1. You have skillfuly exposed a classic variety of
    Manipulative behavior sumarized in the phrase,
    “Let’s You and Him Fight.”

    The Coalition worked beautifully in San Diego
    this year (defeating 2 major Tax increases,
    D and J) and electing Conservatives to key
    County and City positions.

  2. Post

    Thanks, Jim, although the credit is properly due to Breitbart and the author. I just passed the message along.

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