Republicans United Against Public Employee Unions? For Our Sake, They Better Be

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I am of the opinion that the Republican Party has suffered mightily in recent years for maintaining its low tax mantra (a good thing!), but at the same time not adhering to its purported fiscal conservatism on the expenditure side of the government ledger.

A personal example: In 2008, I found nothing more detestable and downright frightening than the thinly-disguised socialism touted by Obama.

That said, I sure wasn’t thrilled about voting for John McCain. Nothing about the guy suggested to me that he would approach the office from the perspective of reducing out-of-control government. Instead, he seemed to me a very accurate, yet wholly disappointing, representation of what the Republican party had come to be.

So, when I went to the voting booth, I cast a vote AGAINST Obama’s dislike of American exceptionalism and his Government-Knows-Best, socialism-driven agenda. But I really wasn’t voting FOR John McCain either. I chose the lesser of two evils.

That’s where I was with Republicans in 2008. Today, I’m starting to feel cautiously optimistic.

We fiscal conservatives seemingly did alright across the nation. California is still a disaster, but we may even be seeing some progress on the San Diego City Council with Zapf giving us a third seat.

But now that we’ve made some progress – our Republican elected representatives cannot afford to disappoint.

I am given hope by the discourse reported out of the Republican Governors Association meeting recently held here in San Diego.

As the L.A. Times reports,

“The main opponent mentioned at the Republican Governors Assn. conference here…is the other party, the Democrats.

But running a close second are the public employee unions, particularly the teachers unions.”

The new governor-elect of Wisconsin, Scott Walker said the following regarding salaries and benefits of public employees:

“We cannot and should not maintain a system where public employees are the haves and the taxpayers footing the bill are the have-nots.”

Thank you, Mr. Walker! I admittedly know little about you or your state, but find myself awfully encouraged about Wisconsin’s fiscal future with you at the helm based on that quote alone.

With the Republicans now holding the majority of governor positions, it’s time to start showing how these fiscal nightmares throughout our insolvent nation can be cleaned up: having the political will to take on the public employee unions and change all the rules of the game that they have defined for too long.

Stick to fiscal discipline like voters told you to this election cycle. That goes for Republican governors, members of congress, mayors and councilmembers everywhere. Take on the largest threat to Americans’ wallets everywhere, our unionized “public servants.”

Work at this relentlessly and with some political backbone. Fight. Really fight.

As the 2012 elections draw closer, give us fiscal conservatives something to really vote FOR. Or choose the other path more easily traveled, and simply hasten our nation’s financial demise.


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