Mayor’s Spokesman Compares Republican Party to Mass Suicide Group

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The has reported the following Twitter message from Alex Roth, a spokesperson for Mayor Jerry Sanders:

“I’m beginning to see more and more similarities between the Heaven’s Gate cult and today’s Republican Party.”

The spokesperson issued a clarification and apology after receiving media attention. Seems like a bizarre statement for a PR person to issue publicly.

Your thoughts?


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  1. I’m seeing more and more unprofessionalism out of the Mayor’s office. Sad…. I’m embarrassed to have supported him.

  2. The comparison is obviously a fallacy. The Heaven’s Gate folks rented a home in Rancho Santa Fe. Republicans living in the Ranch clearly don’t rent.

  3. Saw this posted on VOSD where they reference this guy as a “new” mayoral spokesperson. My question is – why, in the midst of a supposed hiring freeze, is the mayor’s office adding new staff?

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