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Second Amendment Open Carry Roundup

Thursday, June 3, 2010
posted by Christine Rubin

See information on tomorrow’s event.  You are invited.  By the way, is this an indication of being “soft on the Second Amendment”?


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Please join me as I campaign throughout the 77th Assembly District at the next stop, Barrett Junction Cafe in Dulzura.

Complimentary appetizers will be served.

Thursday, May 13
5:30pm – 8:00pm

Barrett Junction Cafe
Highway 94 at Barrett Lake Road
1020 Barrett Lake Road
Dulzura, CA 91917

RSVP by phone: 858-245-3050
Or email

Don’t Let the Media Start a Civil War

Wednesday, May 5, 2010
posted by Christine Rubin

The media frenzy surrounding Arizona’s immigration law is nothing less than the press inciting a civil war.

There is no shortage of hypothetical outcomes of the new law and these scenarios are repeated as if they are already “fact.” The new Arizona law does not take effect until the end of July, and no one has been stopped or questioned under this new law. The outcry from protesters in San Diego, Los Angeles, and Sacramento makes it seem like Arizona has violated some natural or constitutional law. Nothing can be farther from the truth. States have the right to govern and protect themselves and California has no moral authority to dog-pile on its stately neighbor.

77th Assembly District Debate

Monday, May 3, 2010
posted by Christine Rubin

77th Assembly District Debate: ALL 3 Candidates Confirmed!

DATE: Tuesday, May11

TIME: 9:15pm-10:00pm

MODERATOR:  Rick Amato




Thursday, April 22, 2010
posted by Christine Rubin

This article is one more example of how the California Air Resources Board intends to extract fees and fines from businesses, all in the name of cleaning the air. Now their ARB staff admits they over-estimated the amount of pollution from construction heavy equipment. Every industry must keep up its guard. No one is safe from the CARB…

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The recent tragedies in San Diego County have shed new light on our parole system and the risks to our children. Citizens are demanding that the system be evaluated, fixed, and overhauled, so that the protection of our children remains the top priority and is never compromised in the policies, procedures, and safeguards put in place. The desire to shrink prison populations along with the pressure of decreased funding in the parolee administration system is at odds with the goal of ensuring that convicted sexual predators can never commit another heinous crime.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010
6:30 p.m. to 8:30 pm.
The winery is located at 17677 Rancho De Oro Rd. (at Hwy. 67) in Ramona.

Light appetizers will be served and wine will be available for purchase by the glass and bottle. There is no charge to attend this event, but RSVP is requested. This is an excellent opportunity to meet and speak with me about the issues important to you.


For more information, visit

or call 858-245-3050.

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                    Contact: (858)245-3050

April 5, 2010                                                                                  

Christine Rubin for Assembly 2010 announces the endorsement of the Assembly Republican Caucus Chair, Connie Conway

(San Diego) Assembly Republican Caucus Chair, Connie Conway, has officially endorsed Christine Rubin in her bid for the 77th Assembly District.

“Christine is a solid, experienced and dedicated public servant. I have followed Christine’s career and am confident she understands what it takes to be effective in Sacramento and is ready to represent the 77th Assembly District, “said Assemblywoman Conway.

“I am honored to have earned the respect and endorsement of Assemblywoman Conway,” Christine said.

The numbers are in for the latest reporting period in the 77th Assembly District and I continue to be competitive with my two opponents that hold elected office.  While many expected Brian or Bill to be the front runners, I have shown that this race is about the entire 77th Assembly District.  We have all been challenged by the circumstances surrounding this unusual filing period. As a first-time candidate, many asked if I would have “skin” in the game. I have shown that I do and will continue to aggressively raise money. I applaud both my competitors for their efforts and know, first hand, how difficult fundraising is in these economic times. We are fighting for our liberty and democracy in this crisis of our generation. This is not the time for political hyperbole or quick claims of first place. I will let the numbers speak for themselves. 


Contact: (858)245-3050

March 17, 2010

Former 77th Assembly District candidate, Jeff Kover, endorses Christine Rubin for State Assembly.

(San Diego) Former 77th Assembly District candidate, Jeff Kover, has officially endorsed Christine Rubin in her bid for the 77th Assembly District.

“My campaign for the 77th Assembly seat allowed me to travel and meet some great people throughout the district. Although I am no longer a candidate, I am offering my support and endorsement to Christine Rubin.” – Jeff Kover

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                   Contact: (858)245-3050

March 16, 2010                                                                                  

Former State Assemblywoman, Sharon Runner, Endorses Christine Rubin for State Assembly

(San Diego) Former Assemblywoman, Sharon Runner, has officially endorsed Christine Rubin in her bid for the 77th Assembly District.

“I am honored to have the support of Assemblywoman Runner.  Having served as Assistant Republican Leader, Vice-Chair of the Assembly Appropriations Committee and Chair of the Republican Women’s Caucus as well as authoring one of the toughest pieces of legislation on sex offenders in the country, Jessica’s Law, she knows what it takes to get things done in Sacramento and it means a great deal to me that she sees that strength and dedication in me.” –Christine Rubin

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Media contact: John Petree



Independence Caucus Endorses Christine Rubin, for State Assembly in the 77th District of California

California, (March 4, 2010) – The Independence Caucus is proud to announce their support for State Assembly Candidate Christine Rubin in the 77th District.

The Independence Caucus carefully chooses candidates based on an extensive vetting process including 80 written questions, a panel interview, a conference period and a state wide vote of all I-Caucus delegates.

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                Contact: (858)245-3050

March 3, 2010                                                                                  

(San Diego) California State Senator, Mark Wyland, has officially endorsed Christine Rubin in her bid for the 77th Assembly District.

“Having spent 6 years in the Assembly and 4 years in the Senate, it is clear that Senator Wyland knows what it takes to fight for the people of California.  I am honored that he sees that strength and background in me and has decided to support me in my run for the 77th Assembly District.”  Said Christine.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                Contact: (858)245-3050

March 2, 2010                                                                                  

Former California Secretary of State, Bill Jones, Endorses Christine Rubin for State Assembly

 “Christine is a strong and proven leader, ready to meet the challenge of rebuilding California.”

(San Diego) Former California Secretary of State, Bill Jones, has officially endorsed Christine Rubin in her bid for the 77th Assembly District.

“Christine stands with me in recognizing that a restoration of California’s greatness is only possible with common sense solutions to the State’s financial crisis. She knows that we must reduce the tax burden on businesses and individuals, cut wasteful spending, and capitalize on this great state’s incomparable potential for productivity.” 

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