Barrett Junction Cafe Meet and Greet with Christine Rubin

Christine Rubin Christine Rubin 1 Comment

Please join me as I campaign throughout the 77th Assembly District at the next stop, Barrett Junction Cafe in Dulzura. Complimentary appetizers will be served. Thursday, May 13 5:30pm – 8:00pm Barrett Junction Cafe Highway 94 at Barrett Lake Road 1020 Barrett Lake Road Dulzura, CA 91917 RSVP by phone: 858-245-3050 Or email

Don’t Let the Media Start a Civil War

Christine Rubin Christine Rubin 2 Comments

The media frenzy surrounding Arizona’s immigration law is nothing less than the press inciting a civil war. There is no shortage of hypothetical outcomes of the new law and these scenarios are repeated as if they are already “fact.” The new Arizona law does not take effect until the end of July, and no one has been stopped or questioned …