The numbers are in for the latest reporting period in the 77th Assembly District

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The numbers are in for the latest reporting period in the 77th Assembly District and I continue to be competitive with my two opponents that hold elected office.  While many expected Brian or Bill to be the front runners, I have shown that this race is about the entire 77th Assembly District.  We have all been challenged by the circumstances surrounding this unusual filing period. As a first-time candidate, many asked if I would have “skin” in the game. I have shown that I do and will continue to aggressively raise money. I applaud both my competitors for their efforts and know, first hand, how difficult fundraising is in these economic times. We are fighting for our liberty and democracy in this crisis of our generation. This is not the time for political hyperbole or quick claims of first place. I will let the numbers speak for themselves. 

                               Christine Rubin      Bill Wells     Brian Jones
Contributions       $31,939                   $25,262        $6,325
Cash on hand      $28,364                   $30,300       $21,771
Expenditures       $13,131                    $11,412        $5,432

Mail alone will not win this race: it will take a candidate who has been working a solid ground game and will continue to reach out to voters at round tables,  meetings, and candidate forums. I have been with voters and groups throughout the entire 2,100 square mile district since the end of the summer and have been to well over 150 events. 
This race will come down to each dollar raised and each mile traveled.  Four years ago this primary race had five candidates and was won by Joel Anderson with just over 12,000 votes. With only Brian, Bill and myself, each of us will have to earn the trust and respect of the voters throughout the entire district. Please visit my website ( to learn more about my campaign.


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  1. We have enough politicians trying to buy there campaign here is another one. unfortunately voters are much smarter.

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