California State Senator, Mark Wyland, Endorses Christine Rubin for State Assembly

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March 3, 2010                                                                                  

(San Diego) California State Senator, Mark Wyland, has officially endorsed Christine Rubin in her bid for the 77th Assembly District.

“Having spent 6 years in the Assembly and 4 years in the Senate, it is clear that Senator Wyland knows what it takes to fight for the people of California.  I am honored that he sees that strength and background in me and has decided to support me in my run for the 77th Assembly District.”  Said Christine.

Over the past few months, Christine has been to well over 130 community group meetings throughout the entire 2100 mile district.  Christine plans on continuing to visit every corner of the district letting the voters know they are important and deserve true representation in Sacramento.

For more information about the campaign or to add your support, go to:



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  1. Congratulations on a Blue Chip endorsement !

    Senator Wyland is widely, and rightly, respected.

  2. If there ever was a doubt about who the best candidate in this race is (and in my mind there never was), this should put it to rest.

  3. Hi Gary,

    I agree completely. Christine is ready for the job. The other candidates are not even close in qualifications to the talent of Christine.

    I wholeheartedly support Christine.

  4. Whoa, there, Larry!

    We’re all on the same side here and over-the-top stuff like that is uncalled for.

    There are two currently elected officials in the same race who each represent a substantial part of that district. Bill Wells is vice mayor of El Cajon and Brian Jones is vice mayor of Santee. Both of these are stand-up guys and Santee, in particular, has really blossomed in the period that Jones has been on the council.

    Nothing wrong with Christine but to say that these two fine people “are not even close in qualifications to the talent of Christine” is outrageous and borderline defamatory.

    Remember the 11th commandment.

  5. If something were borderline defamatory, we would likely take it down. If Larry has a strong opinion that one candidate is significantly better than others, that is his opinion. Nothing necessarily defamatory about having an opinion, even if others don’t like it. The best approach is for the supporters of the others to share with SD Rostra readers why they support their candidate of choice.

  6. Once again where are the real endorsement such as CRA, Howard Jarvis, Duncan Hunter, Joel Anderson, ETC?

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