Voice Politics Report: What Davis Hath Wrought

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Andrew Keatts and Scott Lewis at Voice of SD do superb work assessing the potential candidate field in the wake of Congresswoman Susan Davis’ announcement that she’s done. Everyone from power names like Toni Atkins and Lorena Gonzalez (both say no) to ambitious lesser knowns such as Colin Parent and Akilah Weber, both Dem councilmembers from La Mesa. It’s worth a read.

No legit Republicans are noted. But meanwhile, on Thursday POLITICO CA Playbook Senior Writer Carla Marinucci raised Mayor Kevin Faulconer’s name:

My Twitter response:

“Nice thought. If anyone can show me a similar seat w/such a lack of competitiveness — either party — which went the other way; I’ll assess it. GOP would need to dump major $ there in a risky gambit. Those funds may need to be committed to at-risk & obtainable seats.”

Implications or suggestions of the GOP giving up the ghost in a Dem seat are not always viewed so kindly in Party circles. Caring about such things is not my strong suit lately. Yesterday I was asked why I wasn’t attending the State California Republican Party convention in Indian Wells this weekend. Hmmmm… my 60th birthday weekend or a State Party convention? Difficult choice. NOT.


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