Gloria reacts to Bry ad with “little boy of color” comment — Mixed reactions abound

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A Barbara Bry Instagram ad posted yesterday resulted in a Twitter reaction from Todd Gloria, which in turn is getting quite a response from a number of followers.

Below are some screenshots of the Bry ad…

Gloria reacted with the following Tweet

Barbara Bry has hit yet another low. She’s making fun of the dreams of a little boy of color to serve his hometown in her latest Instagram post. We can’t all go to Harvard and live in La Jolla, but San Diego is our city, too. #ForAllofUs

Many of the responses thus far are entertaining…

And so it begins. Todd, you’re making stuff up and playing the class divide card … I just watched that video. @bry4sd is right; you’re highest aspirations have always been to be a ‘ruler’. At least she knows how hard it is to start and run a business.” —Brian Brady

Honestly, where is the racism in this ad you describe as targeting “a little boy of color?” Where/how does color or race even factor in? I’ve watched it a few times & see one candidate with primarily political experience vs another with both elected & private sector. Basic facts.” —Gaby Dow

With all due respect, I just looked at the BRY instagram post and there is NOTHING at all making fun of the dreams of a “little boy of color” in anyway. You simply have stooped to playing the race card which makes me want to vote 4 BRY Delete. This. Tweet.” —Jay Tee III

Dude, please don’t get into a freakin pissing war with Bry. Don’t come whining to us with reports of slights and insults. ‘Harvard/La Jolla’ okay so she’s an elite. No reason to dismiss her, but you are MY choice, so stay classy!” —xenubarb

I mean, it’s a little weird to attack someone for an ambition they held as a child.” —Thomas Bollman

I went to Harvard so I’m better than you” is a weird campaign strategy.” —Christine Aghassi

This is gonna be a fun election!


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  1. I guess I am more interested in Bry’s definition of “one of the first women.” Since the first women (there were eight in that first graduating class) got their MBA’s from Harvard in 1963 and Bry got hers in 1976, I think I might have a different definition. This does not diminish her accomplishment, but it does make her less of a trailblazer than she might want us to believe.

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