Voepel Financing is Fishy

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Santee Mayor Randy Voepel’s recent campaign finance disclosure raises some interesting questions as to how his campaign is being financed.  In his last report covering July 1-December 31, 2015, he raised $26,700 – but 43% of it came from his consulting team on the last day of the period.  John Wanio and Mason Herron, both of the San Diego Group, gave a combined $7,400, while 25-year old Asher Burke contributed $4,200.

These contributions bring the total given by the San Diego Group and Burke (who is a sub contractor to the firm) a combined $16,800.  In the last six months, the disclosures also show that none of the consultants have been paid for work done for Voepel, even while they funneled money into the campaign.

How does a consultant earn no money from a candidate yet have the ability or interest in contributing $16,800 to that same candidate?


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  1. Paul:

    Are there any Democrats that only go after non-Democrats? Welcome to politics. It’s shocking, isn’t it?

    BTW, Rostra is considered to be a Republican-leaning blog, yet you see that it actually allows and discusses criticism of Republicans.

    Carry on.

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