Updates on two close San Diego races: Supe and Santee

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A couple of updates on two East County races, the closest in the region:

County Supervisor

  • Only 716 provisional ballots were processed countywide the last five days.
  • 105 of them, or 14.66 percent, were marked in the District 2 Supervisor race. Joel Anderson got 52, Steve Vaus got 53. Anderson still leads by 283 votes.
  • 7,000 countywide ballots are left to process. Even if 17 percent of the entire 7,000 are valid and marked in D2, that’s about 1,200 votes.
  • Vaus would need about 61 percent of those to catch Anderson.

Santee City Council District 4

  • Only three votes were added in this race. Dustin Trotter got one. Samm Hurst got two. Trotter still leads by six votes.
  • There could be roughly 30 to 35 votes left to process in this race.

Here are all the details.

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