UPDATE …. Union-Trib now CONFIRMS 2 local Democrat legislators took Tobacco $$$ — credit UT politics watchdog Michael Smolens

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Three days ago, SD Rostra  questioned a  U-T story which stated  only  GOP local state legislators accepted campaign funds from Tobacco firms.   U-T politics watchdog Michael Smolens replied to our post, and he apparently  took  additional action  judging from these lines now added to  the original U-T story: “Denise Ducheny, who was a senator and assemblywoman from San Diego, received $12,000.  Steve Peace, a former assemblyman and senator also from San Diego, received $3,000.”  Both Ms. Ducheny and Mr. Peace are Democrats.  SD Rostra thanks Mr. Smolens for the timely factual addition.  It is consistent with a reputation for fairness he earned as a politics reporter at the U-T.


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  1. Gwen:

    You are attempting to post comments with a link to the UT article by Michael Gardner, as if it is something we have ignored. Yet, it is the very article about which Mr. Sills originally wrote and provided as a link. Mr. Smolens already responded with a comment on Rostra. You seem quite incapable of following the story to see for yourself that what you are attempting to prove somehow, is exactly what we already linked and provided to our readers. Or, maybe you are insisting on playing games. We won’t stand for it in either case, whether it is games or simply obtuseness on your part. We know what you will claim here, but to the contrary, we are happy to allow comments that disagree with the political and philosophical leanings of our bloggers, if they make some semblance of sense. We are also quite capable of deflecting game playing. Instead of regurgitating our own provided links back at us, try providing some new information. Thank you.

  2. Dear Thor’s Assistant:

    I think you have misunderstood my point. Timing appears to be the issue here…. who was in the last election cycle and who wasn’t.

    The article in the U-T made it quite clear that in the last election, “San Diego County Republican lawmakers reaped a trove of campaign contributions from the tobacco industry during the last election cycle, according to a study released Tuesday by the American Lung Association in California.” Even though you try incessantly to paint a different picture claiming that Ducheny and Peace received tobacco money they were not part of this study nor part of the last election.

    And, I doubt that you will print this. Pretty soon readers are going to begin to wonder what is going on and why my responses are not being posted.

    We are quite sure that readers are on their way now with torches and pitchforks. – TA

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