U.S. government allegedly selling guns to Mexican drug cartels

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In an alarming turn of events, ATF’s Project Gunrunner “Fast and Furious” is now said to include more programs located El Paso, Texas and Columbus, New Mexico, as well as “Operation Castaway” in Miami, Florida.  These new alleged U.S. gun-smuggling rings are larger than those previously identified and include the sale of military-grade weapons directly to the Mexican Los Zetas cartel.

Reports from two former CIA agents conclude the U.S. government has set up shop in stash houses located in New Mexico and Texas. Former Director of Drug Enforcement Agency’s (DEA) Intelligence Center in El Paso, Phil Jordan alleges the Obama Administration knew about the sale of weapons to Mexican drug cartels.

The other CIA agent turned reporter Robert Plumlee said the U.S. government maneuvered weapons using an unnamed company and working with the U.S. Direct Commercial Sales program. He also believes the Los Zetas cartel has purchased property along the U.S./Mexico border to house the military-grade weapons.

To make matters worse, the U.S. Direct Commercial Sales program hails from the U.S. State Department run by Hillary Clinton. The Directorate of Defense Trade Control Program oversees private U.S. companies that sell defense weapons.

Under the Direct Commercial Sales program, the U.S. State Department regulates and licenses businesses to sell weapons and defense services and training for export. Last year, the program provided Mexico with $416.5 million worth of firearms, equipment, and military-grade weaponry.

Plumlee told the El Paso Times “From the intel, it appears that a company was set up in Mexico to purchase weapons through the U.S. Direct Commercial Sales program, and that the company may have had a direct link to the Zetas.”

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  1. Well Kim your gettin close to that Pulitzer…..But your Paygrade is not there yet…..Recall Cunningham??….did you ever wonder how these leads developed into big promotions and even in the UT case of Cunningham it has always been being in a powerful loop…..

    Lets take Cunningham……did you know the UT man not only got the Pulitzer but he got the red wing……..He now is in a Soros group of over 100 prized journalists……Now he sold his soul but then what the hell, we no longer live in a world of Copley and Chandler…..

    My father a protetge of Herb K. said all the real journalists are being murdered in Mexico, the Mideast and Turkey…..

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