UPDATE… SD mail named “No. 1 in the USA” last Night by Campaigns & Elections magazine— ‘Tax Man’ piece aided Bill Horn’s North County Victory

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At a Gala dinner last night in Our Nation’s Capitol, the “Tax Man” mailer conceived by San Diego consultant John Wainio was named Best in the Nation (!) by the prestigious Campaigns & Elections magazine.  It took home the trophy in the Direct Mail, Republican Advocacy category. Mr. Wainio was aided by Tish Sjoberg of Planet Grafix (Graphic design), and Jim Sills of  SD Rostra (Creative Contributions).   The mailing supported Bill Horn’s key victory in North County.

SD Rostra reported earlier that ‘Tax Man’ was 1  of 3 National Finalists for a “Reed Award” given by the Bible of the political business, Campaigns and Elections.  But the actual winners were not named until last night in D.C.    “Winning a Reed Award is considered to be one of the most prestigious honors in the business of politics and Campaigns & Elections congratulates the finalists and winners,” said Publisher of Campaigns & Elections, Paul Plawin.

Unnamed, but clearly responsible, is the Late, Great George Harrison who penned this timeless commentary on government greed while still a Beatle in 1966.  The cadence and images of the mailing are timed to fit the rhythym and melody of that George Harrison composition.  Thank you, Mr. Harrison!

John Wainio is a San Diego consultant of  20 years’ experience.  With wife Lacee, he’s  operated “The San Diego Group” since 1995.    http://www.thesandiegogroup.com/index.html Tish Sjoberg is a skillful graphic artist whose clear-cut talents are obvious in this project. http://planetgdesign.com/home.html Ms. Sjoberg was remarkably patient as this brochure progressed through many revisions to its final successful form.

Candidate Steve Gronke lost  in North County’s 5th Supervisorial district to  Bill Horn by a 10,000-vote margin on November 2, 2010.  Congratulations to both John Wainio and Tish Sjoberg for this deserved recognition by their professional peers.  Modest congratulations to Jim Sills for the same reason.


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  1. Great job John! Good to see your work get recognized. You won a bunch of campaigns during 2010, and we appreciate your extra efforts.

  2. Mr. Sills is TOO modest. Neither the project nor the award would have happened without Jim Sills’ excellent intellect, skills and participation. — John W.

  3. John, awesome job!!! We’re glad to have you on our team. Why try the rest, when you have the BEST!!! Congrats….

  4. By the way, for those who don’t follow these Supe races as closely, our piece was an “IE”. Credit for Bill Horn’s reelection goes to his consultant TOM SHEPARD (he’s done all the successful Supe races for years) and campaign manager DAVID GRAHAM.

  5. John:

    You are right!… I saluted Tom Shepard and his able associate
    Aimee Remanick’s vital roles in this December Rostra posting:
    http://sdrostra.com/?p=11147 …..I called their work examples
    of “the best” in the 2010 San Diego cycle. Thanks for adding
    David Graham’s name as well to the discussion.

    Thanks for the pointer to Barry Jantz’s fine article today at the ‘Flash

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