Escondido’s ‘Joint Effort’ Ousts Criminal Illegals

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This just in via the Los Angeles Times:

Escondido’s city-federal effort to oust illegal immigrants draws praise, criticism

Los Angeles Times article

Escondido police and ICE agents join to snag and deport people with deportation orders or criminal records.   Federal ICE agents are housed at the Escondido police department with the support of a majority of the city council in a program called ‘Joint Effort’.

According to the article, The Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers have been stationed at the Police Department of this San Diego County city since May, responding to everything from traffic stops to gang sweeps in an aggressive effort to clear the community of illegal immigrants with deportation orders or criminal records.

“303 illegal immigrants have been arrested and placed in deportation proceedings so far in the program, which allows federal agents to reach deeper into the streets for immigration scofflaws than in almost any other community in the country. Most arrests are of illegal immigrants with deportation orders and drunk-driving records, but gang members and sex and drug offenders have also been snared and deported.”

While a majority of citizens in Escondido approve of efforts to rid the city of illegals, as evidenced by the  landslide victories of pro-Rule of Law candidates in the recent city elections, there are some who oppose the effort.

Not surprisingly quoted is Kevin Keenan, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union in San Diego and Imperial counties, saying, “The city of Escondido is the Arizona of San Diego County.”

Escondido is not a Sanctuary City.  There is nothing racist about enforcing the laws.  If we allowed people to disobey common laws, such as drunk driving or driving without a license, the safety of our community would be in jeopardy.   It is not appropriate to give people a pass just because they are a certain race or have chosen to violate our Federal immigration laws.

More to come on this as I will post more comments next week!


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  1. Rostrafarians might enjoy this take on the LA Times story from doughty SoCal conservative blogger Patterico:

    “We get the typical claptrap about racial profiling and about how Latinos are “on edge.” We don’t get ANY context about why the government might actually want to Deport the Criminals First.

    “The story reinforces the theme: some of these people have done nothing more than be illegal immigrants. Uh, and drunk drivers. Uh, and child molesters. WHY DON’T WE GO AFTER THE “REAL” CRIMINALS??!!!1!!1″

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